Afraa Creperie

Every new year, we try and locate places which would serve us a different yet unique menu as part of the celebrations.Located close to City Centre 1, this place is sure to amaze you with it’s food. This place might be a bit difficult to locate if we enter from the main gate,but a more appropriate entry to this place would be through the back of City Centre 1.It gives one the illusion that one has arrived at a French patisserie.The place has been nicely decorated,both inside and outside.

It is adorned with shelves inside.Also,there is a separate section where they have displayed all their confectionery products,apart from the ones in their food menu.We were invited as part of team Panchphoron to sample their festive menu,a brief description of which has been given below.

Caesar Salad:Iceberg lettuce was topped with cherry tomatoes, olives, mayonnaise and vinaigrette,all typical to this salad. It came with a cheesy yet warm garlic bread and thinly sliced roasted chicken.

Spicy tossed crunchy chicken wings: I simply loved the presentation of this one on a marble plate.The chicken wings were tossed in tangy ketchup and placed on a bowl of fried wanton. They were accompanied by bell peppers, coriander leaves and chips. The chicken was well cooked,though I felt that it could have been cooked a bit more.

Crumb coated fish: It is a version of the Bengali style fish fingers.The fish was marinated in spices in Cooch Bihar style and crumb fried.The outer batter was crispy due to the perfectly coated bread crumbs,while the inside being soft and juicy.I was really impressed with the quality of the fish,which had no smell whatsoever. The dish was complimented further with a mayo dip.

Chicken cordon bleu: Roasted chicken,stuffed with cheese and ham,smothered in their in-house creamy béchamel sauce and served with greens like broccoli, babycorn, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, etc. The entire thing was placed on a bed of creamy and perfectly mashed potatoes.

Crepe Acropolis: The crepe was stuffed with tomatoes, olives, asparagus and feta cheese. It had a creamy sauce which complemented the crepe very well.

Sizzler of Chicken stroganoff: Chicken stroganoff,cooked in butter, onions, mushrooms and sour cream,served with cilantro rice on a hot sizzler plate. The flavours were amazing.

Banana split: Banana was sliced into two pieces vertically and topped off with scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice creams.They were further topped off with macaroons. I loved the way this dish was presented.

I loved this small cafe and the variety of dishes that they served.The festival would continue till 16th Jan,2017 and the dishes served are not to be missed.It is one of those restaurants where you can try “something different” which we look forward to trying every new year!


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