Goan Food Festival at Pappadam!

We have a huge misconception about the food available in coastal areas,one of the biggest being that the food is cooked only with curry leaves.Another big misconception that we people from non-coastal areas have is the fact that we believe that people in coastal areas eat nothing but fish.To clear these misconceptions,Pappadam, from the owners of The Biryani Company,have come up with a restaurant which serves coastal cuisine. Located near Mudiali Club, this restaurant, with a homely ambience, serves amazing stuff. We were invited to sample their special Goan menu which they will be serving for the new year.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the owners.In the background,Goan music was constantly played to make us feel like we really are at home. Being a fan of seafood and coastal cuisines,this place has been a revelation for me.We were served a lot of items including chicken, fish, pork, squid and crab, which I’m sure most people are unaware of being available in coastal areas.A brief description of the menu has been given.

Veg Rissoles: This was more of a vegetarian kebab consisting of peas mainly.The entire mixture was mixed well and made into a mash before giving them a round shape.They were deep fried and served with salad.Surprisingly,it tasted better than it looked.

Chicken Mince Cutlet: It was one of the best chicken cutlets I had recently!The best part was that it wasn’t ready made or frozen,unlike what we get in the supermarkets these days.Minced meat filling was prepared by them and it tasted soft and juicy.I wish the size of the cutlet would increase,but overall a great starter.

Squid Kali Mirch: Being a hardcore seafood lover,this was one dish which I couldn’t resist myself from taking a second serving.The squids were coated and batter and deep fried.They were extremely crisp and sauteed with bell peppers,capsicum,onion and pepper.

French Bean Foogath: This tasted quite average to me(maybe because I had more tempting food in front of me!)The beans were crunchy and sauteed.

Chicken Cafreal: This is an ideal dish of the coastal areas,as it had the perfect mix of sweet and sour.It was a little towards the sour side due to the usage of tamarind,but nevertheless it tasted great!They served chicken legs only.It was a semi gravy dish,which could also be eaten with rice.

Goan Fish Curry: Another all time favorite of mine! The fish curry was just perfect according to me and the fish they served was pomfret which was quite fresh and tasty.It had no “fishy smell” and tasted a bit on the sweeter side.Nevertheless,it was a heavenly dish when it came to combining it with white rice and eating it!

Crab Recheado: They are one of the few restaurants who serve the crab with a crab cutter.The crab was cooked in a semi solid gravy and was completely fresh.It had a certain amount of tanginess and spiciness in it’s gravy.The crab was cooked perfectly inside.

Pork Vindaloo: The gravy itself was very tempting,rich red in color.Another great dish to be eaten with rice.The pork was soft and juicy.

Goan Halwa: It is a delight for all those people who love low sweet halwas.The halwa was yellow in color and in served in a compact square shape.On the taste side,it was pretty damn good.

The Goan food festival will run from 25th Dec to 1st Jan,2017.So,if you are a fan of seafood and coastal cuisine,this place is a paradise for you!The best part about this festival is that they have unlimited servings for  Rs 799 per head,all inclusive.I cannot think of any restaurant who would serve so many coastal dishes at such a low price.


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