Cake mixing ceremony at The Peerless Inn

Be it representing the harvest season or being a reason for family gathering, cake-mixing ceremony successfully marks the onset of Christmas season every year.While the cake-mixing ritual has now acquired a social face, it has not diluted its religious importance, and it remains to be one of the most awaited events in Christian household, which marks the onset Christmas season.The season is incomplete without some delicious plum cakes!

The cake mixing at The Peerless Inn was my first cake mixing event and it couldn’t be better.Cake mixing involves a good number of participants in the mixing activity since it is believed that the more the number of people involved in mixing these ingredients,more will be the abundance of luck and fortune in the coming year.Unlike the previous years, this year they decided to invite senior citizens from old age homes and a big group of cheerful school kids. It was really heartwarming to see all the elderly people rolling up their sleeves to get involved in this mixing activity,the cheerfulness was visible in their eyes!

There were many ingredients for the mixing,some of them included assorted nuts (like almonds, cashew, walnuts, etc) dry fruits (like plum, cherries, orange peels, lemon zests, raisins, etc) spices and alcohol.By alcohol,I mean the variety of alcohol which one may find at a high-end bar.

After being mixed together,it is left to soak in the mixed alcohol for the next few weeks before Christmas, till the time they get baked by master bakers into the famous Christmas cakes. This ceremony is conducted in a very lively and atmosphere filled with fun,as all ages groups from 7-70 are involved in this ceremony. Here, the whole idea of cake mixing is to energize all the well wishers and friends for the coming year end celebrations. This ceremony is expected  to bring in good fortune for the coming year,for all the people who are involved in mixing the ingredients.

The event was well executed by The Peerless Inn and the arrangements were good keeping in mind the needs of the elderly people and kids coming in.They were served refreshments at regular intervals. The cake mixing tray  was quite small in size,not keeping in mind the large number of people around.It was a lovely event filled with unadulterated joy and laughter.

A buffet lunch was served right after the event, which was rather considerate considering the huge number of school students and elderly people around.A big thanks to PanchPhoron along with Mrs.Debasree Roy,Senior Vice President of the Peerless Group for having us food bloggers over for this one of a kind ceremony.


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