Au Bon Pain-Winter Hotties!!!

Well this place needs no introduction,but if one needs a sneak peek into this place,it has been elaborately written in my previous blog post on Au Bon Pain.In short,it is located in the erstwhile famous “Music World” in Park Street,Kolkata besides Flury’s.This is gradually giving Flury’s a run for their money when it comes to people having breakfast in Park Street area.

A very big thanks to Bang In the Middle and PanchPhoron for this invitation to sample their winter special menu,known by “Winter Hotties”.

Apart from their standard menu,there have introduced a variety of winter special menu,starting from beverages to their deserts.We started our day with their newly introduced strawberry bubble tea. A big selling point for them would be their own flavor into the tea which they enhance by introducing small strawberry flavored globules,bursting with flavors when it enters the mouth!The tea did not have the overwhelming sweetness but did not compromise on flavor.Passion Fruit bubble tea was also good and bursting with flavors.

The non-veg breakfast platter was quite healthy.It had two poached eggs with pesto on a croissant,a big sausage broken in half,a small serving of fruits and a side order of beverage which included either a cappuccino or apple juice.The sausages were soft and fresh and the croissant was soft,but the eggs lacked seasoning as a result of which it tasted a bit bland.Their apple juice has always been fresh and original,so was it this time around as well.

The harvest chicken salad was average.Grilled chicken mixed with balsamic tahini, roasted spiced pumpkin, feta cheese, roasted almonds and pumpkin seeds on assorted greens were the main ingredients.I found the salad a bit dry.The assortments were very wisely chosen but a bit more vinaigrette dressing would have made it taste better.

The Egg Start Wich was my ultimate favorite and I fell in love with it in my very first bite.Roasted veggies with egg, corn and mozzarella were stuffed with red pepper paste. This heavenly combo of egg, cheese and corns was amazing,probabally one of the best egg sandwiches I had recently.

Chicken flavour burst was a croissant stuffed with grilled chicken and spinach.It also had mango peri peri stuffed with emmental cheese, spinach and pickled red onions. The thick chicken fillet was well cooked and tasted nice with the stuffing. The croissant was warm and crispy,with the soft chicken inside.A match made in heaven!

Dark lava meltdown was my favorite desert in the menu.The dark lava meltdown was deliciously sinful.It was a warm brownie filled with dark chocolate syrup inside,topped off with whipped cream.The amount of whipped cream could be decreased and the amount of molten chocolate could be increased to make it taste better.

The monkey bread,chocolate monkey bread looked quite interesting!It was a simple crispy cinnamon bread.Chocolate fantasy was a wheat and coconut cookie with one side of chocolate covered coating.This was too sweet for me and failed to impress me.

Apart from the above mentioned menu,one can always have from their yearlong menu,which also has a variety of foods and beverages to offer.Winter and Christmas are synonimous to Park Street in Kolkata,and this place has something good to offer this winter!


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