Mamagoto now launched in Kolkata!

The term ‘Mamagoto‘ means ‘To play with food’, which is synonymous with their tagline ‘Fun Asian eating’.This chain,which is already located in other major cities opened it’s doors to the food crazy city of Kolkata on their sixth anniversary.If you are a fan of Pan Asian cuisine,this is the place to go to.It is located in Park Street, which is known for it’s restaurants,and has already gained a fan following. It was by pleasure being invited to this place by Communications 2.0.

It is a 50 seater joint with 2190 square feet,with the tables being placed at an optimum position so that it’s not too congested. The restaurant is spread across two floors consisting of vibrant and diverse signature Asian graphics designed exclusively for Mamagoto by Azure Hospitality’s creative Director Ms. Chetana.

We tasted the following:-

Kiwi and Mint cooler:This was one of the few mocktails which I liked,being fizzy and refreshing. The sweetness was not too overpowering.

Lemon zest lemonade:This had a very strong kick of lemon.A must try for those who love lemonades.

Crispy lotus stem:The lotus stem was tossed in burnt garlic and dry chillies. Lotus stem slices were a little too thick according to me,could have been thinner.But there was no compromising on the taste!

Rock Shrimp Tempura:I am an ardent prawn lover so this could not go unnoticed.The coating was perfectly crispy while the shrimp inside was perfectly cooked,a tad too oily though. It was accompanied by chilli mayo sauce which played a major role in adding an enhanced flavor to the shrimps.

Chicken Gyoza:These are similar to momos in appearance The minced chicken stuffing was properly seasoned and these dumplings were soft and juicy. 

Java grilled fish:The fish was marinated with an Indonesian sambal, wrapped in a banana wrap and then grilled. It was well cooked, spicy and juicy,served with sticky rice.

Snow peas and green bean salad:The green beans were tossed with burnt garlic and onion, along with peanuts. It was a very crunchy salad,yet very healthy.

Thai chicken and water chestnut salad:It had sliced chicken, water chestnut, chilli strips, Kaffir lime, lemongrass and coconut. The water chestnut was juicy and crunchy,overall flavor being adjusted.

Stir fried pok choy with water chestnut:The pok choy was juicy and well cooked,along with the chestnut.It was garnished with cashewnuts,which made it all the more crunchy!

Chicken Masaman Curry:The curry was prepared with coconut milk, fish sauce, sliced potatoes, sliced chicken, chopped onions, tamarind juice and  Kaffir lime mainly.Served with sticky rice,this dish won my heart!

Chiang Mai Train station chicken noodles:This initially looked like khaosuey. The bowl was filled with coconut and curry based gravy containing noodles and chicken,topped with peanuts. 

Steamed fish in green chilly sauce:A hot favorite of mine!The steamed fish fillets were coated with  green chilly and garlic sauce,topped off with chopped lettuce and burnt onions. The dish was medium spicy as otherwise stated by the name.

London China Town Chicken:A very bland version of chicken as preferred by the English!Sliced chicken tossed with crunchy green beans in a light ginger sauce.I particularly loved the gravy.

Pad Thai Chicken:The Thai flat noodles were stir fried with minced chicken, chopped onions and garlic,garnished with roasted peanuts. 

Prawn three pepper bomb:The prawns were my favorite as always!They were wok tossed with green, white and schezwan peppercorns, drizzled with Chinese wine and sesame oil. The dish tasted completely different than any of the Chinese prawn preparations I have ever tasted,and obviously has left a lasting impression on me!

Misti Doi Cheesecake:A new addition to their menu since their launch in Kolkata. The cheesecake was just perfect,not too dense.There was a thick layer of curd used as topping of the cake.I always had a weak spot for cheesecakes,and this too was no exception.

Caramel sponge cake with toffee sauce:The cake was light and fluffy in texture,as a spongecake should be. It was quite spongy and came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. It was not too sweet as one might expect from the name.

I loved everything from their starters to salads to their mains and desserts,however I wish that they would work on their mocktails a bit more,it really needs a lot of improvement. The overall service was fast considering that it was a Sunday and the restaurant was jam packed.Since the entire restaurant was full,with people bustling in every now and then,the space reserved for the blogger’s meet seemed insufficient.Apart from this,this was one hell of an experience!


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