Desi Fusion Fest at Desi Mehak, Jodhpur Park

As the name suggests,it serves dishes with an Indian touch!We Indians have the tendency of localizing global cuisine according to our tastes,which has again been successfully implemented by Desi Mehak in their latest Desi Fusion Fest 2016.

Opened up about a year ago between Dhakuria and Jadavpur Police Station crossing,the restaurant has a striking exterior overlooking the main road which nobody passing by can miss.The letters in bold yellow are sure to catch your eyes even though the surrounding may not!The seating is spacious, compared to what it looks from outside. It is an ideal place to have your meal if you actually enjoy your meal overlooking the bustling of the city.The restaurant has garnered enough appreciation to feature itself in the “Top 30 restaurants of Kolkata” in their initial 6 months.Even though it could have managed to stay in the race with their delectable North Indian cuisine,it however chose to experiment with the global cuisine.Mr. Arnab Mitra, the owner,was not content with it being just another restaurant serving North Indian cuisine,so along with the regular menu, he decided to introduce a special “Desi Fusion Fest” menu,which is a customization of the Continental dishes prepared to suit the “Desi” taste buds! The base of the dishes remain the same with subtle changes in the spices to give the dish a fusion.This special menu is available to the foodies throughout the month of August’16. PanchPhoron was invited by the management of Desi Mehak to try out the dishes.

We were served the following:-

The Laughing Shanghai:

Served in a martini glass, it looked fruity at the first glance,but as the froth subsided,it revealed sliced green chilies. A pineapple-orange juice based mocktail in which the chilies imparted a spiciness which wasn’t overpowering. I absolutely loved this drink,since we normally don’t get such spicy drinks,since it is a bit risky to serve this kind of a drink to the customers.But,if you don’t mind a bit spiciness,this is a very refreshing and an unusual drink.

Desi Stroganoff with Multi Layer wrapped rice:

A variation to the classic Russian dish,Stronganoff, it contains diced chicken, mushrooms & sliced bell pepper mixed with Indian condiments and covered in a white stroganoff sauce. The creamy sauce with the meat was heav

Pineapple Chicken Shaptak:

It did not look as good as it tasted.Honestly,I did not feel like trying it out after seeing the gravy,but I was very happy to be proven wrong!A Tibetan delicacy,customized with Indian spices.It consisted of diced chicken, mushroom and pineapple chunks were lightly grilled in tandoor and simmered in Indian and Tibetan spices,along with cheese. The pineapple imparted a little sweetness to the dish,but the flavors gave it a unique touch. Their in-house garlic bread went perfectly with the pineapple gravy.

Chicken Kiev with a desi Burst:

Never thought that Chicken Kiev could get any better! Marinated minced chicken,devil-wrapped in breadcrumbs, deep-fried and topped off with a rich Indian gravy. The chicken was soft and crunchy,with the gravy seeping in through the chicken.It went pretty well with lachcha parathas!

Punjab Wali Cannelloni:

Cannelloni is one of my favorite Italian dishes,and this too did not disappoint me.Minced chicken and mushroom wrapped in a soft flour based wrapper, steamed and then topped off with a red spicy Amritsari gravy. The cannelloni itself was very soft,with the lasagna sheets being of the perfect thickness.Liked the whole dish immensely.

Keema Lasagna with Lucknowi Paratha:

Layers of Mutton Keema cooked in Indian spices with a thick layer of molten cheese on top. Both the Keema Lasagna and the lachcha paratha complemented each other perfectly!

Tandoori Crabmeat Spaghetti:

This one came as a surprise since I expected shredded crab meat instead of diced ones.It was marinated in tandoori spices,fresh grilled & batter-fried. This was the first time I tried tandoori crab meat and it instantly won over my heart(Not to mention that I’m a seafood lover). Also worth mentioning was the thick noodles which were Tawa fried in tandoori spices. Surely a recommended dish.

Fish Florentine Makhkhan Mar Ke:

This is highly recommended !This is basically a spinach and fish florentine,with loads of both.The fish was butter fried and cut in small pieces. The spinach and  fish were had contrasting flavors, however it did not hamper the dish.

Iran ke Lazeezi Chelo Kebab:

I was a bit disappointed with this,considering the rest of the dishesThe chicken pieces were a tad under-cooked, while I did not taste the Gosht Kashmiri Seekh Kebab.They really need to work on this dish.

Sweet Blue Sea:

The festival menu doesn’t have any desserts, however Mr. Arnab, the owner, had prepared for us a custom dessert to go with the theme. Prepared with some traditional Bengali sweets like sandesh & kalakand blended with thick milk ,topped off with Curacao syrup and served chilled. The taste was great, though the texture was a bit grainy.It should have been thicker in consistency.

Choco Vanilla Mini Sundae:

Desi Mehak has an on-going promotion, in which if you upload three pictures of their dishes on zomato, you are eligible to receive a complimentary mini sundae. It was pretty good for a complementary one,vanilla ice cream topped off with chocolate sauce and a choco stick.

I was a little apprehensive about eating the fusion food since I have had many such fusion dishes which turned out to be a disaster,luckily this turned out to be a good surprise.The restaurant presented age-old continental recipes with an Indian twist and they nailed it! Desi Mehak has made its position in the food map with its traditional dishes, and it continues to do so with their Indianized continental dishes as well.

Desi Mehak Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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