Blogger’s Meet at Fuel,The Resto Bar,Pride Hotel

Situated in the business core of Kolkata, The Pride is located in close proximity to the eminent corporate houses and within the access of the impending IT Hub of Kolkata,in Rajarhat New Town.It is located at The Terminus, opposite Axis Mall.They provide all possible modern amenities and comforts.The banquet also serves as a popular wedding and marriage reception venue.

We were invited over to this place by Thinkquisitive team-Vaibhav,Aishwarya and Ishita,at Fuel Resto Bar,their  in house bar.It is located on the sixth floor of the hotel, and one needs to navigate through the lobbies to find the bar.The bar is extremely spacious,with a very high ceiling taking up two floors,the rooms on the upper floor being visible from the bar.Lighting is dim, but they have many comfortable couches,including separate seating area for couples.There is an elevated table located in the middle of the bar with high stools,which can accommodate a large group.


We tasted the following:-


Sparkling Sunrise:

A summer cooler comprising of grenadine syrup, orange juice, lemon juice, crushed ice topped off with soda and garnished with orange slice.It was served in a champagne flute.

Hawaiian Khass:

A drink prepared from khus(vetiver extract) syrup, lemon juice, sugar syrup and crushed ice,served in a highball glass ,garnished with a lemon twist.

Pomegranate Cherry Revolution:

It was prepared with crushed cherry mixed with honey, lemon juice and pomegranate juice,with a hint of black salt. Served in an old fashioned glass tumbler with a lemon slice by the side, this tasted tangy,which it did not look like.

Pride Special Punch:

Their house special mix,which is a version of cold coffee. It was served in an Irish Coffee glass.It was a mix of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, milk, fresh cream, sugar syrup and sprinkled with choco flakes. However,it did not taste as good as it looked.

Blasson Ice:

Strawberry syrup and lemon juice mixed with crushed ice, strawberry and gandhoraj lemon,this was a pleasant surprise since it tasted better than the rest of the cocktails.









Tropical Island:

A rum based cocktail with mixed tropical fruit juices ( orange, pineapple, lime, cranberry ) and grenadine syrup with lots of ice cubes.The sweet Lime and cherry on top added to the looks,but the taste was a bit disappointing as it was very dilute and tangy.The alcoholic content should have been higher.

Greek Sex:

A vodka based tropical drink. The pineapple juice and blue curacao blended perfectly,topped off  with whipped cream. It was garnished with a pineapple wedge on the top,with a cherry on top of it, with the cocktail umbrella.This is ideally how Hawaiian drinks should look like.

Grapefruit Mojito:

Being a fan of Mojito,I couldn’t help but like this one too.It had crushed grapes, mint leaves, lime juice and crushed ice, topped off with soda.


Silver Monk:

This was a mix of tequila, lime juice and sugar syrup,with ice cubes.I found this pretty dilute for a cocktail.




Green Chilli Chicken:

This tasted pretty average,not exceptionally good. Coriander imparted the green color to it.


Abu Chilli Kebab:

Their version of Hariyali Chicken Tikka,the chicken had the smokey flavor from the clay oven,but lacked the necessary flavors.


Mongolian Fish Ball:

Fish dumplings tossed in a sauce, this was quite good as a fish starter. The inside of the ball was soft,with a crispy outside.


Cha Chu Akai:

Crispy fried chicken strips with garlic. This was better than the rest of the non-veg starters.


Roasted Chilli Paneer:

Their version of Paneer kebab.This wasn’t as well cooked as a paneer kebab should be and tasted bland overall.

Gondhoraj Paneer Satay:

The gondhoraj lemon added a little flavor to the otherwise bland cottage cheese.This too needed more flavor.


Buddha’s Delight:

Veg dumplings tossed in chef’s special sauce. A pretty decent starter to accompany the drinks.

Gilheri Tawa Galouti:

The name is a misnomer since it’s a vegetarian dish consisting of mashed veg coins lightly grilled on Tawa. I prefer non-veg Galouti kebabs any day.


The experience was not as good as one might expect. Some of the cocktails really stood out,however the others need work.Most of the snacks were pretty average and needs work too.There should be more variety in the non-vegetarian starters other than just fish and chicken.

Fuel Resto Bar- The Pride Hotels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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