Adam’s Kebab Shop

This is the place in Kolkata which serves Suta kebab or Sutli kebab.It is located in a quite dingy lane around the Bowbazar area,in Phears lane,Chuna Gali, near Central Metro station and is brimming with people during Ramzan.This place should not be missed if one wants to go for a Ramzan food walk in Zakaria Street!

The very famous Adam’s Kebab shop,which is almost a 100 years old,sells one of the best Sutli kebabs not only in Kolkata,but also in the country.This definitely is not a fine dining restaurant and one might choose to give this place a miss due to hygiene purposes,but it is worth visiting in spite of all the above factors.


When we went there, we met the owner,Md. Salauddin,who was busy winding the cotton threads on the kebabs before placing them on the barbecue. The kebabs comprise of a smooth paste of ground and minced beef, marinated with spices into a paste,which in turn is put around the thick long metal seekh.The meat tends to fall off from the skewers, because more meat and less binding element is used to make the mixture.As the binding element used is less in quantity,an external binding element is used which is the super fine thread wrapped around the meat on the seekh so that they don’t fall off. Then the skewers,tied with the thread, is put on the barbecue.


After it is done,it is served on paper plates with a lime wedge, onions and chopped green chilies. The crumbled meat mixed with onion and green chilies melts in the mouth.Even though one might not be fond of beef,I would still recommend them to give this dish a try since no other variant is available which can replace this legendary dish.And, to get one’s share,they need to visit this legendary small shop.This unique art of winding thread on kebabs and putting them on the barbeque is unique,and produces a kebab whose recipe has been well hidden for generations!


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