Ramzan Special Buffet at K19,Park Plaza

This upscale hotel,Park Plaza,is located in the lane beside Gariahat Pantaloons.On walking inside the lane,after crossing Mirch Masala restaurant,one will find the gates of this hotel.There are 3 posh restaurants and a lobby pastry shop, plus a swanky bar with a giant Buddha sculpture.

We were invited to their restaurant,K19,by Candid Communications for their Ramzan Blogger’s meet where they served a variety of food in their buffet.K19 is located on the second floor of the Park Plaza hotel,characterized by good interiors and nice ambience,this restaurant is easily noticeable if one steps on to the second floor.Seating arrangements are comfortable,with tables accommodating as many people as a large family or a small one specially suited for a couple.They have a live kitchen which allows guests to interact with the chefs while dining.

The buffet menu is elaborate, and includes the mandatory Haleem , Biryani and Firni along with other dishes, salads, sherbets, vegetarian and non vegetarian main course and of course, desserts.We tasted the dishes given below.


Machhi Talatil:
This is a fish appetizer, sprinkled with sesame seeds.The outside batter was crunchy and the inside was soft.One of the ideal fish starters for the occassion,this was served with the compulsory mint chutney.

Pyaaz ke Pakode:
What we call ‘Peyaji’,this vegetarian starter was crispy fried with a brown coating of gramflour.Served hot,with chutney,this will always be a favourite tea time snack and a starter.

Saufiyan Paneer Tikka:
The paneer was soft and juicy,with a slightly coloured outside coating.

They had all the usual Soups, Salads,Breads and Chaat Counters and even a ‘make-your-own’ chat counter.



Their Ramzan special salad included:-

Warm Masaledar Red Channa Salad:
I have always been a fan of Chana based salad and this too was no different.It was done with a good amount of spices and juicy enough.

Assorted Fruit Chaat:
They had different kinds of fruits mixed with a tangy dressing.Another salad which is widely enjoyed during Ramzan.

I was mostly interested in tasting their Non-veg mains than the Veg mains since I am a hardcore non-vegetarian.

Nizami Murgh Biryani:
This,according to me,stole the show.I had such good chicken biriyani after ages.A little on
the oily side,this had the perfect blend of spices and the chicken was cooked well.Even the aloo served had been cooked well.


Afgani Macchhi:
This was pretty decent.The fish was soft and well cooked,with the gravy seeping in through to the fish.


Mutton Haleem:
The flavours were robust and thick,but it could have done better with more meat.I could find solid mutton pieces unlike in other places serving this traditional dish.

Awadhi Style Aloo Methi Masala:
This went pretty well with the nan served to us on the table.The potatoes were blended well with the methi gravy and would be liked my most vegetarians who try looking for vegetarian dishes during Ramzan.

Chukunder Paneer:
A good vegetarian dishes for all the paneer lovers,which goes well with nan.

There was Sultani Dal,Mazmuah E Subziyat and Achari Arbi which I didn’t taste,but heard that these were good.

For deserts,we had:-

Pakizah Phirnee:
This milk and rice based desert was really thick,creamy and delicious.It had the perfect balance of flavors and optimally sweet.


Aam Halwa:
This was a surprise mango desert.It had the same consistency as the phirnee,yet was full of delicious mango goodness,did not taste like the normal halwa,but even better.


If one is looking for a good buffet in a premium restaurant in south Kolkata,this place is definitely worth visiting.The staff were quite hospitable and prompt.They were well trained,so we didn’t have to repeat our orders to them.We had a photo session with the chef who did an outstanding job of serving us a great meal!

K19 All Day Dining - Park Plaza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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