The Country House

One of the upcoming cafes in town,The Country House,is located very close to Forum Mall.Housed in over a century old piece of architecture, the interiors are predominantly pristine white, with corners of bright color pops.I consider this to be a plausible effort to save a historic architecture!As we enter the place,we get a feel of an old mansion.Starting from the empty photo frames to the lamp shades,vintage collection of wall hangings to the switch boards,classic windows to the old style ceilings, everything was unrealistic(in a good way!!!).I felt like I had been transported to the European colonial era,since the architecture seemed to be of that time.The place is well utilized and the dim lights went perfectly with the decor.

We had been invited for a food tasting session and Mr. Vikas,the owner,was a great host.They boast of Chef Brasserie Blanc Oxford, who had previously worked in a Michelin Star restaurant.The menu has been designed to showcase the
European dishes and techniques, but fine tuned to suit the Indian taste buds.

We were served the following:-

3 different flavoured ice tea:
The Lemon, Ginger and Green Apple were the 3 diffrent flavors of ice tea served to us in a bulb shaped glass.I liked the ginger ice tea the most amongst all,since it had little shards of ginger in the drink.The other two were average.


Dark Chocolate Latte:
A good choice for dark chocolate lovers.The most impressive part is their quoted mugs in which they serve.The latte was fine,not exceptionally good though.


Spiced Coffee and Crispy cold Coffee:
Both the coffees were good,though the spiced coffee lacked the kick of any spice.

Chef Special Salad:
This was one filling yet delicious salad.The salad had lettuce, capsicum, cabbage, cherry tomatoes ,watermelons and cheese toppings which made it delicious.


Burgundian Mushroom:
Being a fan of mushroom,I liked it. The button mushrooms cooked with Burgundian wine and spices made a hell of a starter!


Fries Basket:
A basket of fries containing finger chips,potato wedges and aloo patties.They were fried perfectly and I could just eat the entire basket myself.


Mushroom on Toast:
A must try for all mushroom lovers.This cheesy delight of chopped mushrooms on lightly toasted bread will sure make every mushroom lover visit this place over and over again.


Spaghetti in Cheese Sauce ,Penne Pasta in Arrabiata Sauce:
They were average and needed a lot of work.The saucy was runny which I didn’t like.

Creamy Mushroom Risotto:
This tasted good as the consistency of the risotto was almost perfect.The mushroom helped in enhancing the flavor of risotto.


Chef’s Special Burger:
I would have loved it if was juicier, or had more elements.However,the patty was dry and the burger wasn’t as good as it looked.


Grilled Veg Sandwich:
This was pretty good.All the ingredients which make a grilled sandwich special was present in it.


The desserts served here are from Glace Patisserie, and were a pretty sweet way to end a great evening.The Country House is one of those places where you would enjoy with both ambience and food. The drinks and the continental dishes will definitely melt your heart.

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