Chapter 2

One of the few newly opened retro themed restaurants in Kolkata,Chapter 2,reminds you of the old charm of the erstwhile Kolkata.It once used to be the hub of a glittery nightlife,starting from the British era till the late 70s.This was a period
when Calcutta could boast of not only it’s rich heritage,but also it’s glamorous nightlife,which for most cities,was undiscovered.One of the most popular places in Calcutta,Park Street,had some of it’s iconic restaurants of that time
where popular singers like Usha Uthhup used to sing.Some of the most prominent restaurants back then even used to host cabaret artists.But now most of these places are either closing down or being renovated with a new name.

Chapter 2 is one such place which will bring back such old memories as soon as you enter the place.Starting from their wall hangings to their dias where one would notice all the instruments needed by a band to play,it surely will take you back in time.We were greeted there by one of the owners,Mr. Shiladitya Choudhury,who was gracious enough to host us in his newly opened restaurant.He described his motive behind opening this place,which was mainly to gift the present Kolkata a part of the old glam of the erstwhile Calcutta!

This place actually has a well stocked bar,compared to other restaurants in Mani Square mall.One of the most interesting features of this place was their 3-D photo frames,the table tops which had some historical newspaper clippings to the costumes of the waiters,which was a retro Polka dotted costume designed by Agnimitra Paul.

The place basically focuses on Anglo-Indian cuisine.We were served the following:-

Tomato Basil Soup:
It was served in a wide rimmed bowl,which made it look elegant.The taste was good with the perfect amount of seasoning.This is what soul food is made of.

Seafood Chowder:
Being an ardent seafood lover,it is hard for me to criticize any seafood,let alone this one.There were solid pieces of seafood and the consistency of the soup wasn’t too thick.Not to be missed by seafood lovers!

Prawn on Toast:
I first tasted this dish at Punjab Club in Kolkata.It brought back those childhood memories of me gorging on these as a kid.Not many restaurants serve this dish,which is mostly served at elite clubs.It was a buttery toast topped with spicy, big prawns.


Chicken Liver Paté:
I was a little apprehensive of trying this out,but somehow ended up liking it.

Devilled Crab:
Another classic dish of Mocambo in Park Street.The one served here,luckily had the meat scooped out from the shell,cooked and then put back into the shell.The only thing which prevented this dish from becoming a star was it’s saltiness which was a tad too much.


English Fish Fry:
These were big, breaded fillets, with an amply crunchy exterior, a bite into which revealed the beautiful cooked fish inside.The fillets seemed to have been dipped twice in breadcrumbs before being fried.


Beckti Lemon Grilled:
Another favorite combination of mine.The quality of the fish used was good and fresh,drizzled with lemon juice and baked perfectly.


Pork Vindaloo:
A Goan delicacy,which one may find in almost every restaurant over there.The chunks of fatty meat with the perfectly balanced sweet and salty caramelized gravy,was indeed a treat for pork lovers.


Baked Cheesecake:
It was actually quite soft and did not taste lumpy.Many places go wrong with this dish,but they managed to save the dish.


I would love to come back to this place more for their ambience which reminds me of old Calcutta,since very few places have come up recently to present the current generation with an ambience of what old Calcutta used to be like.
This is a combination of good food and good music and anybody in love with the mentioned combo,should give this place a try.

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