Mac Rebel

Rebel is a satin finish lipstick and it is a gorgeous purplish burgundy color.It is not a matte lipstick,and is creamy, glides on easily and has a tremendous staying power.When I first saw it,it looked like a completely purple shade,but turned out to be a fresher looking bright pinkish shade.It gives a different finish with each layer of application.If someone likes a slightly pinkish shade,just one coat is enough,but for a darker and a more satin finish,it gives a purplish finish.

This goes well with every skin tone and is more of a moisturizing lipstick.This is one lipstick to which I still have not found a close alternative.

Rs 2533 for 3 g.


1)Satin finish.
2)Non drying.
3)Different shade on application of different layers.
4)Long staying.


1)Leaves a pinkish stain on the lips if not removed properly.
2)Pricey for the Indian market.

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