Stump’d By Food meetup at Zen

Zen has been a front-runner in Oriental cuisine since the time when very few restaurants would offer Japanese or Thai cuisine. If you are craving for some authentic Asian food in the most refined and sophisticated set-up, Zen is the place to be.Zen and Saffron are located on either side of each other.On being directed towards Zen,I was quite impressed with their long corridors leading to the restaurant.But,before entering the main dining area,I noticed a quite and peaceful seating area which normally I don’t get to see in even the 5 star hotels.The overall lighting is not too dim.We were seated at a private dining area which is barricaded partially from the rest of the dining areas.Starting from their interiors to their furniture,everything was done well.


We were invited to this place by Samridhi as part of a contest organized by Zomato named “Stump’d by food”.The main attraction of that day was their 999 menu which they had newly launched,along with Global Dim sums.The following was served to us:-

Thai Moon:
This was a vodka based cocktail with Julian ginger as its core ingredient.It had a hint of chilly which gave it an additional kick along with the ginger.


Zen signature white fungus salad:
This was one of their signature salads.The mushrooms were well cooked and this dish had an overall tanginess.

Crispy Lotus Stem :
Another classic salad of theirs.Extremely crunchy stems and honey lent the dish some sweetness.

Chicken katsu maki:
One of my favourite sushis at this place.The chicken was soft and juicy,with a bit of Wasabi,it made a great dish.Overall,not a very spicy sushi.



Almond Chicken:
This was good in terms of the flavour and texture.None of the sauces used overpowered the power of almonds.

Crispy fried Bhetki with gingr and sesame:
A well made dish where the fish was soft,succulent and did not have any smell.All the ingredients perfectly balanced the dish as the flavor of ginger was not too dominant.

Shifudo Suimai:
I am an ardent lover of seafood,so could never give this a skip.The layer of wrapping was thin around the minced prawns and steamed well,to give it an overall delicate flavor.


Furai Inari Tori Dim-sum:
This was chicken stuffed in tofu skin and deep fried.It was quite a revelation for me as I never had tasted anything similar in the past.I thought that the taste would be odd but it turned out to be good.

Crab and Prawn Dumpling:
This was a dumpling made from translucent wrapper,with a filling of marinated prawn and crab.The wrapper was rather too chewy for me,so in spite of having prawns and crabs,this dish failed to impress me.


Chicken Pot Stickers:
The dough was thinly rolled,with fillings of chicken and oriental herbs.This was a good dimsum since it was soft and juicy.

Ginger pepper fried rice :
Rice blended with ginger and made with colourful ingredients like chopped Bell peppers and corn.It was not very spicy as the name may suggest.

Burnt Garlic flavor noodles:
I am a fan of burnt garlic flavor,irresective of whether it is rice or noodles.This too,was no exception.I loved the flavors and the noodles were just perfectly cooked,not making it too soft.

Kung Pao Chicken:
Another favorite of mine,this too did not dissapoint me at all.It had generous amounts of cashew nuts and the chicken was succulent.The gravy had seeped into the chicken to impart flavor to it.


Bhetki in Sichuan pepper sauce:
Succulent pieces of fish cooked in Sichuan pepper.It went very well with steamed rice.


Flourless rich chocolate fudge with vanilla icecream:
This can never go wrong for a chocolate lover.The hot chocolate fudge was warm and gooey.


Sankaya :
It was a coconut based desert served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.This wasn’t sweet to an extreme level as one might think seeing the ingredients,but it had the perfectly balanced sweetness.

It was a pleasure being a part of this event since I got to meet some very warm foodies who share an equal passion for food like I do.As for Zen,it sure is a pioneer when it comes to Oriental cuisine.The food and hospitality both are good,with a special mention for the interiors.Hope to visit this place soon in the future.

Zen - The Park Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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