Sizzler Festival at The Tapas Bar

Erstwhile known as Zaara,this restaurant has revamped it’s name to The Tapas Bar.The new name,specifically pertains to appetizers or snacks in the Spanish cuisine.This place has actually kept up it’s expectation of serving really good finger foods!It is too dim for a bar located in a mall,the decorations and the interiors,however are quite up to the mark.This was the first bar in South City mall before the likes of Chilis and Cafe Mezunna.

On entering the bar,one would notice how spacious it is.They have chairs situated near the bar andcomfortable couches as well.We were mainly invited to try out their Sizzlers which they have newly launched.

We were served the following:-

Garlic Bread:
Warm,soft,small cut breads loaded with cheese and garlic.I particularly liked the size of the bread since it was not too big.


Iceberg, lettuce, pineapple and raisins salad:
A classic starter for vegetarians.This is not only light,but tastes good as well. This is highly recommended if one is watching their weight.


Crispy Chicken:
These bites sized chicken chunks have always been a favourite of mine. The Chicken was soft and chunky from inside and had a nice crispy batter on the outside.It did not taste like the normal crumb fried chicken but a level better than that!


It was the combination of crispy small sized bread with tomato, fried chicken fillet, olive, onions and tomato sauce on top.The chicken was soft and the combination of chicken on biscuit suited my taste buds well for a surprise!


Bacon wrapped Chicken:
One of my favorite starters,the crispy bacon strips wrapped around well cooked chicken,with the flavor of the bacon seeping through the chicken meat,was pretty well made.This may not be the best that I’ve had,yet they managed it better than most
other restaurants.


Crispy Nachos topped with spicy Mexican Salsa and garnished with coriander.The Salsa was tangy, spicy and sweet at the same time.This place did not dissapoint us with their salsa.


Crisp Batter Fried Squid Rings:
This was my ultimate favorite amongst all the starters.The squid was well cooked inside with the crispy batter outside,quantity served was good.I could finish off one entire plate of these squid rings if given!


Now comes the main part of our Sizzler Menu:-

Minced Chicken Steak wrapped with Cheese and Basil Pesto on top:
This looked better than most of the sizzlers I had in and around that area,including the mall’s food court. Minced Chicken crumb fried and served with basil pesto and cheese on top. The steak was well done with the cheese and pesto really complimenting the dish. The veggies served along with them were crunchy,being lightly sauteed.


Grilled Chicken Sizzler with Chimichuri:
Usually made from finely chopped parsley, garlic and olive oil,this sauce can be used for marination or as a condiment.This one is similar to pesto but gives a spicy and tangy kick to the meat. The chicken here was succulent and went well with the sauce.


Grilled Seabass Sizzler with Olive Pineapple Sizzler:
One of my first places where I tasted seabass.Pineapple and olives made a sweet and sour combination.But the flavor of the fish won my heart!

Teriyaki Beef Steak Sizzler:
The Beef here was minced to perfection and the soya sauce gave it a tangy and sour kick. The Beef was well done.What impressed me more about this dish was the fact that this was served with two medium sized shrimps on top.


Mexican Style Pork Loin Sizzler:
Two big chunks of Pork with a nice proportion of Meat and Fat. Served with veggies on sides and garlic breads, this one had a slight drizzle of finely chopped parsley on top.

Exotic Vegetable Steak Sizzler with Fajita Sauce:
This had crushed beetroot whose flavor was predominant among other flavors in the patty,chargrilled to perfection.Not being a fan of vegetarian food,this one I quite liked.


Grilled Cottage Cheese Sizzler with tangy Tomato Sauce:
I normally don’t try cottage cheese anywhere,since I am not a fan of it.Over here,it was lightly char-grilled so as to not make the cottage cheese too stingy.The tanginess quotient wasn’t too high as one might expect from the name.

This place served some very good,signature cocktails to us which are off the menu,my particular favorite being Dracula’s blood,made from Red wine and Bailey’s Irish cream.It is one of the few places where the bartender does not mess up the cocktails as they are well trained.The prices of the cocktails maybe a bit on the steeper side but it is surely worth spending on.


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