Gujarati Food Festival at XII Zodiac,The Fern Residency

My first ever trial of Gujarati cuisine has been in this restaurant of The Fern Residency.This is a business hotel located in Chinar Park,Rajarhat located besides Tamara by Pipal Tree restaurant.XII Zodiac is a restaurant is one of a kind since it is a
zodiac based multi cuisine restaurant, where the food is served according to one’s zodiac sign.


We were invited as part of Team Panchphoron to sample their new Gujarati menu.My food knowledge on this cuisine is limited to only dhoklas,theplas and khakhras,so I had very little idea before I went for the tasting.I was shocked to find non-veg items in
their menu.

We were served the following:-

This was what Gujarati cuisine meant to us till now!Probabally something which we get in every sweet shop in Kolkata.These are sponge cakes made from fermented rice & chickpea flour.The shape was interesting in particular since it’s square in most of the
places,but cylindrical out here.It was garnished with a fried chili & chutney,served with a a pudina and curd based dip.


Farali Pattice Vadodara:
The filling comprised of generous amounts of grated coconut, coriander leaves along with peanuts, cashews and raisins.Really another nutty affair!

Sev Khamani:
I absolutely loved this one.It was prepared by mashing dhokla and mixing it with diced boiled potatoes, chopped onions,tomatoes & roasted peanuts.It was garnished with generous amounts of sev on top.


This looked exactly like murukku.These spiked spiral items were made from rice/gram flour which were deep fried.There was a variation in color,as in one was yellowish and the other orange-ish,but both tasted the same.


Lauki Thepla:
A variety of thepla, Gujarati variant of parathas, made from grated bottle gourd.It tasted quite different than what normally theplas taste like.


Kadhi Bharucha:
Gujarati variety of the famous kadhi which is a thick gravy made of chickpea flour & sour yogurt, with chikpea pakoras in it.Tastewise it was great to have with the rice dish.

Dal Dhokli:
This is a soul food amongst the Gujarati people which is cooked by beating uncooked wheat flour noodles/ bread pieces in a traditional stew. It reminds the local people of their home!

Lehsuni Batata:
Batata stands for potatoes in many parts of India including Gujarat.The potatoes were cooked along with chopped garlic and grated coconut,imparting an interesting yet unconventional flavor.Garlic flavor was prevalent in this dish.


Trevti daal:
Chana, moong & tuvar daal cooked with ginger ,onion and green chillis.An overall good dish.


Gujarati masala bhaat:
Spicy fried rice with ample amounts of cashews & peanuts,sprinkled with crispy thin lady’s finger. The sides consisted of roasted papad, spicy salad and raita,with slices of coconut used for garnishing. Although the dish as a whole tasted good,the rice was bland.


The following non-vegetarian dishes came as a shock to me since Gujarati food,according to my knowledge(and my circle of Gujarati friends),consisted mainly of vegetarian dishes.So,the following dishes turned out to be a boon for me.

Koru Kokru nu saak:
The only chicken item on the menu(Thank God for that!),was a rich spicy Gujarati chicken curry.It had ample curry leaves which I found rather uncanny since it’s not a South Indian dish.

Sourashtra Fish Curry:
This was one of the best items in the menu.The thick coconut gravy tasted great and the fish seemed fresh & juicy too.


These were the deserts served to us.

Mohan Thal:
This is prepared from gram flour, milk, almonds and pista,made in ghee,which is evident from the first bite itself.I found this
rather excessively sweet for my taste buds.

Gujarati Karanjias:
Stuffed sweetmeat with a crisp outer coating.The stuffing consisted of grated coconut, mewa, raisins and cashews, soaked in sugar syrup. This one was less sweet than the previous one.


A silky smooth blend of condensed milk cooked with kesar, garnished with almonds & pistachio flakes.This tasted good. The sweetness content was the least in this.

My first try at Gujarati cuisine gave me some fond memories and a different kind of experience.I was proven wrong by my pre-conceived notion of “Gujaratis eat only vegetarian food”,they too have some good non vegetarian regional curries as well.
A very good attempt by XII Zodiac to poplarize this cuisine in Kolkata.Hope they succeed and continue to surprise us.

XII Zodiac‬ - The Fern Residency Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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