Weekend brunch at Yagna-Vedic Village and Spa

This was the main restaurant in Vedic Village which hosted us for the special weekend brunch,again thanks to team ThinkQuisitive.Yagna is a multicuisine restaurant which serves Indian, Oriental & Continental fares.The ideal time to visit this place is on
weekends from 12-3 pm for an exotic weekend brunch,in which they offer an unlimited food buffet.The spread is divided in two sections. The outdoor area has the live counters for various cuisines & the inner air conditioned area has the dessert spread
and the seating arrangements.

There are many sections to the live counters starting from Indian cuisine,Chinese cuisine,breakfast spreads,pastas,live grill,momos and even a chat section where you can gulp as many panipuris as you want.It is a paradise for foodies since we have to hop
from one section to the other,you can spoil your bae if he/she’s into food!The best part was that they had a separate Indian vegetarian section which is highly appreciated if someone is allergic to non-veg,their meat section consisting of fish,chicken,mutton placed in a whole different corner.Even the desserts spread consisted of many items,both Indian desserts and Continental ones,and the best part of these were their bite sizes.This ensures that the correct portion is taken,avoiding wastage.

We tasted the following:-

Protein Chaat & Seafood Bhel:
This is quite an innovative dish considering the mix of bhel puri and seafood together.Nevertheless,it was quite interesting in flavors as the seafood bhel was served in a kulhad.The crispiness too was there.

Penne in Alfredo sauce:
Pasta in white sauce,it was well prepared with just the right amount of thickness of the sauce,loaded with veggies.

Chicken Dumpling :
They were small in size but I really found them quite good.It was soft,juicy and served steaming hot.

Stir fried veggies:
The veggies were well prepared as per our taste.We had the option of choosing from a variety of vegetables,sauces and spices from the counter.Since I like mushroom the most,I opted for that.

Pani puri:
I just could not afford to miss this!The panipuri was average,the potatoes could have been spicier and the dipping water too needed more flavors as it was dilute.

Live Barbeque Grill:
Mutton Chops/Corn Fed Chicken Steak/ Tilapia/ Sweet Water Prawns/Bhetki/Basa
This was my favourite amongst all the live counters(And who could blame a meat lover for loving an all meat diet)!
The chicken was a bit bland and needed more spices.
Basa fish was the best among the 3 dishes more so because of the preparation,the bhetki could be fresher.
Prawns were just amazing!They were fresh and generous in size.
The grill was the best part of my meal since I could chug down a bottle of Heineken with the grilled food(Reminded me of my
experience in Goa).

Buffet/Main Course:
Mutton Dakbangla/Kosha Murgi/Marich Bata Bhakti/ Yakhni Kofta Pulao
All of these dishes looked so tempting.The Kosha Murgi tasted great(I actually had decent Kosha Murgi after ages!),even though a bit spicy.It went perfectly well with the aromatic Yakhni Pulao.The fish was average because it had a little smell.

This had the largest variety to choose from,starting from Indian desserts to pastries.It surely is a heaven for sweet lovers!
There were more than 20 desserts to try from.The ones which deserve a special mention are:
Baked Patisapta, Fresh Mango-cream tart, Chocolate mousse in kulhad garnished with mint sprig, Baked mango yogurt, Caramel nutty tart, Mango sandesh, Chocolate Truffle among others.

At the end pf the brunch,even though we were full,we still wished to continue.The unlimited buffet without alcohol costs about 1500/- per adult. However you can get the same deal for under 1000/- bucks if you buy it via Nearbuy by Groupon. The buffet for
kids cost about 750/-, which again gets discounted if bought via Groupon. The best part about their food is that many of their cereals and fruits are freshly grown in-house.So,one is assured of chemical-free food.This was an unique experience and I would like to thank Thinkquisitive again for inviting me to be a part of this event.

Yagna - Vedic Village Spa Resort Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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