Buddha Bites-Bhawanipur

My first ever experience with this chain was when it had just opened it’s
first doors in Panditiya Road,located in the lane beside Citi Style in
Gariahat.It was a month old when I tried it out.The restaurant was not huge
compared to it’s counterpart Hatari located nearby.However,it had a certain charm
about the decor,which I felt most of the restaurants nearby lacked back then.
It had a very tranquil surrounding,especially since the restaurant was adorned
with Buddha statues and cute mini waterfalls.

A few years later,when I was invited to their Bhawanipur branch as part of
team Panchphoron for food blogging,my happiness knew no bounds.One can easily spot
this restaurant.It is located left on a lane beside Ashutosh College,arriving from
Harish Mukherjee crossing,or one can walk up to Harish Mukherjee Road from
Kalighat Fire Station in which case the outlet will be on the right.

As we entered the restaurant,it gave us a feeling that we were entering a monastery.
It is much bigger compared to it’s counterpart in Gariahat.Though not a themed
restaurant, yet a Buddha statuette, printed tankhas adorning the walls
& Buddhist hymns playing in the background make your mind at ease!The seating is
divided into two parts.The outer section is much more illuminated with natural
lights flooding in from the glass door. The inside room is a bit dark but it’s
ideal for people who like dim lighting in restaurants.

We were invited to taste their new menu named as “Meal in a bowl”,in which one
orders a complete meal instead of rice/noodles with a side dish.The quantity is
sufficient for a single person.The portion contains Fried rice/hakka noodles with
4 pieces of side dish(If not shredded).We tried the following veg and non-veg meals.

Veg Combo:-

Seven Jewel Rice with Buddha Feast:
Buddha Feast is the gravy dish which consists of fresh exotic veggies
like broccoli, babycorn, bell peppers & mushrooms tossed in a mild sauce of
minced garlic & other spices. The seven Jewel Rice is a mildly spicy variant
of rice made with vegetables. Overall,a great meal for vegetarians.

Veg Fried Rice with Chilli Paneer:
One of the most common Chinese vegetarian dishes that one can find,with the
paneer being quite soft and not overcooked.The gravy had just the right amount of
thickness and consistency.The rice itself is of good quality and when combined
with finely chopped veggies,makes the perfect frid rice.

Veg Hakka Noodles with Veg Manchurian Balls:
This one was an eye opener for me since I am not a fan of vegetarian
food,that too for this particular cuisine.I would personally recommend this
meal to all vegetarians out there.The Manchurian balls were soft,flavourful
and loaded with more veggies and less cornflour.The noodles have been prepared
well using less oil,thus making it non-greasy.

Veg Garlic Hakka Noodles with Kung Pao Potato:
I am a fan of chilli potatoes,and a better version of potatoes always
has my interest.The noodles had a garlic-ey flavour to it.That,along with
Kung Pao Potatoes,cut in thin fingers,tossed along with red &
green chillies made us finish the dish in a few minutes!

Veg Schezwan Fried Rice with Four Treasure Vegetables:
The Schezwan Fried Rice had the familiar orange colour due to the
spices which imparts a unique smell & taste to it. The four treasure
vegetable gets its name from the various exotic veggies used like mushrooms,
broccoli & babycorn.

Non-veg Combo:-

Chicken Fried Rice with Hakka Chicken:
The name Hakka Chicken is a misnomer since it might give people the impression
of being served a dry chicken dish instead of a gravy one.It had solid pieces of
chicken and less cornflour.Since the fried rice was mild,this dish went
very well with it.

Egg Fried Rice with Schezwan Prawn:
From what it seemed these were fresh water prawns tossed in a spicy schezwan
sauce which had the usual strong flavour.This was one of my favourite dishes as
the prawns were fresh and big enough in size,unlike most restaurants which serve
shrimp balls.

Egg Hakka Noodles with Chili Plum Fish:
The fish was very soft and had no smell whatseoever,with theplum sauce complementing
the fish.There were red chilli flakes on top which gave it a nice visual appeal.
The Hakka noodles too had generous amounts of egg and complemented the side
dish as a whole.

Chicken Hakka Noodles with Roasted Pork:
This was a revelation for me since I do not eat much pork.The pork was cooked just
right which did not make it dry.Prepared with ample amounts of shredded pork,
this went very well with the noodles.

Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice with Steam Garlic Fish:
This dish has three variants I.e. Steamed fish in Garlic/Oyster/Black bean sauce. We opted
for the garlic sauce variation.It was the perfect combination of spicy rice and mild
gravy side dish.The fish,again,was very soft and with the flavors of garlic,it tasted
heavenly with the szechuan rice!

I loved their quantity amongst all,since they serve 4 pieces of side dish in each meal.This surely won’t leave anyone starving.The portions were just right for a single person,but in case if someone is really hungry,they might want to order another one.

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