Fikar not Foodies

One of the newest additions in Sector 1,Salt Lake,is this outlet with a very
modern yet catchy name.It is located near City Centre 1 and can be reached
either by walking down from CC1 towards Balle Balle Dhaba or by taking an
auto from CC1 to Ultadanga.The outlet will fall on your left if you choose the
aforementioned route.

We were invited as part of team Panchphoron for food tasting.The restaurant
has an overall average seating capacity and also has an outside take-away
counter.We were introduced to the owners who are quite young and have done a
commendable job in coming a long way from owning a roadside foodstall to an
AC restaurant!Considering the location,the prices are not too high.

We were served the following:-


Passion Fruit Punch- This drink is reccomended for all the sweet tooth.It has
a creamy texture with just the right amount of sweetness.

Lemonade- This would taste better had it been a bit more sour.

Masala Cold Drinks- The cold drink had run out of fizz.So,it’s preferable
to use those 300 ml bottles which will not last as long as a 2l bottle.


Chicken Sui Mai:
The taste was average,it could use more seasoning as I could mainly taste
carrots. Served along with a schezwan dip,it can be improved upon if the
quantity of flavoured minced meat is increased.

Crystal Prawn:
It’s their version of Golden Fried Prawns,which tasted pretty amazing.
The batter was perfectly done and the prawns too were not overcooked,making
it the perfect combination of crispy and juicy.

Garlic Stuffed Mushroom:
Button Mushrooms stuffed and cooked in a garlic sauce.The right amount of
garlic was used,making it slightly pungent.

Chicken Dumpling:
This dish looks different than what we normally get as dumplings in
restaurants. Chicken Meat Balls coated in long grained rice & steamed to
perfection.A must try,more for it’s visual appeal than it’s taste.

Lat Me Kai Chicken:
Another version of the Lat Me Kai that we normally get.The chicken was
shredded instead of being cut in cubes.This made a pretty good starter since
the sauce had the right amount of spiciness and sweetness,topped off with
sesame seeds.

Main Course:-

Kung Pao Chicken:
One of my favorite main courses,the one that is available here is almost as
good as what we get in big restaurants.It had generous amounts of cashew nuts
and bell peppers and tasted pretty good.

Fish in Oyster Sauce:
The quality of fish could have been better,since the fish had a very
unapetizing taste.The sauce on the other hand was good but could not save the

Veg Chilli Garlic Noodles:
The noodles were pretty average and dry.It needs a lot of work.A bit more flavour
could do the trick.

FnF Special Rice:
They had all possible ingredients in this dish,yet could not save it.
It had an overdose of star anise which made it taste bad.


Fried Date Pan Cake:
Mainly regarded as a breakfast item,it was served as a desert.It tasted a bit
dry and doughy,adding more syrup to it can do wonders.Since different people
like different amounts of sweetness,it is reccomended if they could give a
bowl of syrup with this desert so that people can adjust it according to
their sweet cravings.

Darshan with vanilla ice cream:
There are very few places which go wrong in making this desert.However,FnF
isn’t one of them unfortunately.The crispy honey wantons were soggy and the
Vanilla ice cream had already melted by the time it was served.A big let down.

I had an overall mixed experience,mainly because they started off with some
brilliant starters and ended with some dissapointing mains and deserts.
Although,the menu is still under experimentation and with a little rectification,
this restaurant surely will go a long way.

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