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Melete,the brain child of an upcoming entrepreneur,Anjee Bhatia,caters to all those sweet tooth who have health restrictions.The bakery is 6 months old bakery
based in New Alipore.It is a delight to see someone take such a noble initiative of bringing taste and health together.So all those diabetics out there,there is finally some good news for you.We were invited as team panchphoron for the launch of “Lite Bites”,their “sugarfree” cookies made from various ingredients.One might wonder as to how “sugarfree” and healthy go together since the sugar substitutes that are available in the market contain aspertame which is highly carcinogenic.Read on to know how this product is not carcinogenic.

The products of this home bakery do not contain sugar,but stevia,which is a natural sweetener extracted from Stevia rebaudiana.It is as sweet as sugar yet not harmful
for diabetics.Additionally,it does not have the weird flavor which artificial aspartame containing sweeteners have.Stevia has ‘steviol glycosides’ which has upto 150 times
the sweetness of sugar,yet has negligible effect on blood glucose.Thus,any sweet thing made from Stevia will not have any harmful health effects or compromise on taste.
Melete, in partnership with Janus Lifesciences, has launched Lite Bites.It is a healthier cookie made with multigrains like wheat,suji and maida.A box of 30 gms of Lite Bites
is priced at INR 150 and 400 grams is priced at INR 300.

The 3 types of cookies which are a part of “Lite Bites” are:-

a) Suji cookies –This cookie is made from semolina and has the perfect amount of sweetness for my linking,which is not too sweet.

b) Whole wheat cookies –This too has the perfect amount of sweetness and isn’t too dry as one might consider it to be.

c) Maida cookies – This had sesame seeds sprinkled over it.Taste-wise I felt it tasted a tad better than the other two cookies as it had a subtle hint of sweetness
to it compared to the rest.

The other bakery items tasted by us were:-

a) Peanut Butter brownie –The peanut butter brownies were very soft and tasty.Peanut butter in any case is a healthy nutritious eating option and these cookies
were bursting with healthy elements, goodness and flavors to be true. It had crushed peanuts and had a glazing top coat.

b) Coffee brownie – The brownie was not bursting with caffeine as the name suggests,but had a mild coffee flavor.A thin ganache ade it look better.

c) Butter Scotch brownie –It had a subtle hint of butter scotch flavor which again made it quite tempting.

d) Coconut bread with Lemon Curd – Inspite of not being a fan of coconut,I liked this coconut bread.It had the necessary coconut flavors,which if tasted with lemon
curd,made a very good snack.

e) Cheese Tarts – The tart tasted pretty great,though a crust could have been a tad more brown.It tastes best when warm.

f) Focaccia with Yogrut Dip – The focaccia bread was soft,the dough being soft.It had the toppings of cheese, bits of onion and bell peppers.

In the end,Anjee showed us her huge oven in the basement which she used for her bakery.It was a pleasure being introduced to some great deserts which even diabetics can taste.Melete continues to research some recipes which it can make with Stevia.So wishing them all the best in their future endeavours which they can carry out for health
conscious people.

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