Au Bon Pain

This bakery is situated beside Flurys,where the erstwhile “Music World” used to be.
It’s as spacious as it used to be when “Music World” was situated there,and it
was started back in November 2013(After they had opened their first branch in
Bangalore),by Sanjeev Goenka,one of the reknowned industrialists.This place is
basically a duplex,which one might notice as soon as they enter,especially
because of their high ceiling and abundant seating space.

We were invited over a blogger’s meet as part of team Panchphoron.This outlet specializes
in baked products,starting from freshly baked breads,pastries,muffins to
freshly served tea, coffee and their other mocktails.They mainly serve healthy
baked or grilled foods,so that one wouldn’t find any oily or unhealthy food
being served here,including their chicken wings,which are quite healthy.

The food items tasted by us included the following:-

a) Cold coffee – It was served in a plastic covered glass and quantity was good.The coffee helped us get into the mood and in spite of not being too strong,it wasn’t bad.

b) Cone-wich –Cone-wich is one fancy name for their cone shaped sandwiches.They are conical sandwiches stuffed and served in a medium sized paper glass. It is sprinkled with sesame seeds on top. The generous stuffing is flavorful.I had tried the below three flavors:-

i) Paneer tandoori
ii) Chicken keema
iii) Mushroom and eggplant

Amongst all,the chicken keema conewich tasted the best according to me,as it was the perfect combination of spicy and flavorsome.

c) Peach mojito –This was pretty dilute than what we expected.It needs a strong boost of flavours since it was very watery.

d) Banana yogurt cooler with Chia seeds –These are the high fibre energy drinks.This drink is especially suited for all health freaks out there!!!

e) Orange papaya cooler –Again a high fibre energy drink focusing on your health,having an optimal mix of papaya and fresh oranges,the taste not being so impressive.But it is again a healthy drink.

f) Watermelon mojito – It has watermelon pulp mixed crushed mint leaves.It makes the perfect summer drink.

g) Croi-mosa[kwa-mosa] –These are scrumptious with the same filling as the samosas that e get,mainly consisting of mildly spiced potatoes(Less spicy than th roadside samosas).It was nice and goes well with some hot tea or coffee.

h) Poha Bagel Sandwich –It has yellow colored poha on bagel cheese and some mint chutney.The combination was not ideal for my taste buds but can be consumed for breakfast.

i) Grilled chicken jalapeno and corn –It had grilled chicken bits along with crunchy corn and jalapenos, which tasted pretty well.

j) BBQ chicken wings – Never imagined grilled chicken wings tasting this good!They were fresh and juicy.The sauce was mild and less spicy,a more spicy version could be incorporated.

k) Classic mojito – This tasted pretty ordinary,though I wish it had a bit more fizz.

l) Mocha – This turned out to be as expected.No complaints.

m) Apple Juice – This apple juice is freshly made,though might not be favorable for all taste buds.It had concentrated apple juice,with little sugar,more suitable for health freaks.

n) Asian noodle salad – The salad was loaded with veggies and was packed with flavors keeping the health quotient in mind. It was basically sesame ginger noodles on a bed of greens with tossed almonds, carrots and spring onions.

o) Dark hot chocolate – It was one medium sized glass of hot dark chocolate which one might keep on sipping.Highly recommended if you have caught a cold.

p) Frozen mint lemonade – It had the right mix of crushed mint and a dash of lemon. The refreshing cooler is highly recommended for the summers.

q) Strawberry ice tea –This was very dilute and I could hardly taste any strawberry.Needs a lot of work.

r) Chocolate croissant – I absolutely loved this croissants which had chocolate syrup webbed on top which looked liked strands. The croissant was overall soft and slightly flaky. The chocolate filling was an absolute bliss to have.

s) Iced Mocha –It had the right essence of mocha, the aroma of finest coffee beans being dominant.

t) Peri Peri chicken wings – It was the second chicken wing based dish, but I found it lacked the zing somehow. I preferred this over the BBQ wings because it tasted more tangy than the previous one.However,the flavors could be worked upon.

u) Creamy Basil veggie pasta –It was not too loaded with spices but left a mild essence of basil packed with grilled vegetables,topped with cheese and served with garlic bread.

v) Blueberry muffin –The concentrated blueberry jelly in the muffin and the overall blueberry essence makes you want to eat more of these muffins.

w) Dutch choco – This was intensely chocolatey,though I wish it had more dark chocolate than milk chocolate.

y) Blueberry mint mojito –This tasted better than the rest of the cocktails,but somehow tasted more minty than that of blueberry.

z) Banana walnut muffin –Not being a fan of banana,it tasted average to me but shouldn’t be missed by banana lovers.It was soft, fluffy and loaded with walnuts and the essence of banana which was overpowering.

In the end,we were given gift hampers by the outlet which consisted of truffle chocolates and a jujubee lollypop.The cakes and pastried are to die for,and with a little improvement in their confectionery items,they sure will win more hearts than they have right now.

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