Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick Sweets

The first thing that comes to my mind while reviewing a brand like Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick is this-Nothing can ever go wrong when it comes to their sweets.(Atleast for someone like me who isn’t fond of sweets!!!).I made it a point to visit most of their outlets but this visit was special since I was invited for tasting their summer
special mango based sweets as part of Team Panchphoron.

It amazes me how innovative their sweets are and how they have continued with their experimentation to always deliver something unique every time.Their mango based sweets,without a doubt,have kept up to this!!!.Each and every mishti in this place is one of a kind..My all time favourites being their Rasgulla.

Coming to location,they are located in New Alipore opposite to State Bank of India.The outlet isn’t huge unlike their other shops but their collection surely will amaze you.We were greeted on the entrance by the owner who was a very gracious host.She immediately arranged to setup all her summer special mango sweets for us to click pictures.

Coming to food,we were offered the following:-

a)Aam panna – The perfect drink for the sultry weather!!!It had a tinge of sourness of ripe mangoes which made it more worthwhile..

b)Mango talshash / jolbhora – I normally don’t try talshash in any other shops except for Balaram Mullick,since I knew that I was in for a surprise!!Indeed I was..This had mango flavoured jelly filled in it’s kernel and every bite tasted heavenly!!

c)Chocolate Bonbon- A must try for all chocolate lovers!!!It has a scrumptious amounts of chocolate along with sandesh.Tasted as good as it looked.

d)Mango Baked Rosogolla – Their rosogollas are in general my favourite,and added to this list is this new introduction.The combination of mango and baked rosogolla couldn’t get better!!!

e)Mango Truffle-This one particularly looked interesting because of it’s decoration with choco chips.Tasted good as well.

f)Mango Dahi –This has always been my particular favourite type of curd/yoghurt.I try this out in every eatery I go to but somehow none of them has been able to match up to the level of taste this outlet offers!

There were many more which I tried including-Gulab patti sandesh,Mango Lava,Fresh Mango, Mango Ghoti (Amrito Kumbho),Anondo Anarosh,Mango Jolshonkho, Mango dry fruit flower and Patishyapta.

I have always had this deep seated love for the chain which has never dissapointed me but rather has continued to pamper my taste buds.Since we Bengalis love mangoes so much,any kind of mishti that too from this old chain is sure to win hearts…like it did for me!!!Probably the only mishti brand which has continued to keep up it’s name.Hope they
continue this lineage which we can pass on to our future generations like it has been passed onto us by our grandparents!!!

Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick Sweets Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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