Unwine-The Sonnet

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On the day we visited Aura to try out their new menu as part of team PanchPhoron,Unwine being opposite to Aura,we were officially invited by the management of The Sonnet hotel to give this place a try as well.It is the actual bar of The Sonnet hotel which is mostly visited by their in-house guests,but with time,this place is sure to gain more popularity amongst the outside guests too.From outside,the bar seems to be small but on entering,
there is a separate section with a giant screen TV for viewing all your favorite matches.That section mainly consists of the long couches.There are couple couches as well.Overall,the bar is well lit.

We were served a variety of cocktails and mocktails a brief description of which is given below.

Pinacolada:This cocktail is a visual treat being served in a hollow pineapple and topped off with the cocktail umbrellas.It had just the perfect amount of white rum blended with coconut cream and pineapple juice.The entire combination was heavenly and should be tried by all those who are cocktail fans.

Cucumber Rocks:This is a cucumber based mocktail as the name suggests,garnished with a ring of cucumber and cherry on top of the ring of cucumber.It tasted quite refreshing since cucumber juice is it’s main ingredient.

Watermelon Mojito:Another cocktail which should be tried out by watermelon lovers.The flavour of watermelon juice with white rum and a dash of lemon juice was really good.A very good summer cocktail.

Hot Beer:It is pretty rare for us to find beer based cocktails and when we do,it sure is a delight.This was served in a beer mug and was infused with green chilli,chat masala and lemon juice which gave it a zesty kick.

Ginger Rock Salt Delight:This mocktail was a different version of masala cold drinks that we normally get on the streets,and yes a better version.The icing was the lemon and ginger flakes which made this fizzy drink even better to taste.

Vodka Rasila:Can you imagine an Aam Panna cocktail?Yes,this is the one if you want an Aam Panna cocktail.This vodka based cocktail with aam panna and mango juice makes another very refreshing drink for the summer.

Passionate Kiss:This cocktail is an infusion of beer and tequilla.An ideal drink for all the ladies since it’s main ingredient is strawberry.

Chilly Guava:This mocktail,as the name suggests,is a little on the hotter side since it contains not only chillies,but also tobbasco sauce.As a whole,it tasted pretty good.

Hope to see them come up with some more innovative cocktails and mocktails in the future.Till then,the above mentioned beverages are sure to keep you hooked to Unwine.

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