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The newest online bakery in town will surely give all the other bakeries a tough competition.More so,because they have the advantage of online ordering which helps them reach out to more foodies!!!Their variety of Doughnuts,Cakes,Cheese
cakes are really impressive.My dream of having an online bakery in town finally came true!!!

I am really thankful to Zomato for giving me a complementary cake from happiness had no boundaries when I was handed the cake.It had a surprisingly sturdy packaging which is very important for them since they do a lot of deliveries.The box was cold and on opening it,there were vapors coming from dry ice,which actually helped the cake to stay chilled even after I reached home.They had dry ice columns on the sides of the box.

On opening the box,I was delighted to see a very appetizing KitKat cake.For all KitKat lovers out there,there is absolutely no missing this.The cake pretty interesting to look at.It’s edges comprised of nothing but KitKat and on top,crumbled KitKat was used for garnishing.An overdose of KitKat!!!The cake was easy to cut since it was soft and freshly made,perfectly spongy.Milk chocolate cream was used in layering the cake between the sponges.It tasted good but was a little too sweet for me(Since I am don’t have a sweet tooth).The texture was pretty amazing and it almost melted in my mouth.I would definitely love to try their dark chocolate cakes and cheesecakes someday!!!

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