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I started with a background check of this place when I was invited for food tasting as part of PanchPhoron,since I hadn’t got a very positive feedback from my colleagues about this restaurant.They all had disappointing team lunches and promotion parties organized here.According to them,the food was not up to the mark for a four star hotel!!!Ofcourse,they had only tried their buffets and not the
a-la-carte,which I’m sure if they once taste,would change their outlook about this restaurant.

As part of food blogging,we were given a tour of this entire hotel starting from the lobby to their rooms,banquet halls,swimming pool and the gym.The rooms were decent enough for corporate bookings.The best part of this hotel is the locality,which is
quite close to City Centre 1 mall in Salt Lake,sector 1.Another icing on the cake is their restaurant which is open 24/7 on all days,since we hardly find any 24/7 operational restaurants in Kolkata!!!So,anyone who is looking for a midnight eatery need not look anymore.

The hotel may not have a huge entrance but it surely has a very welcoming lobby,with faces smiling to greet you as soon as you enter.It is moderately lit and spacious,with both the restaurants on either side of the lobby.On left,is Aura,which is their multicuisine restaurant.To the right,is Unwine,their all day bar.This makes it easier for people to locate their restaurants.

Coming to food,we were served some of their newly launched menu which included a variety of starters,mains and deserts.A detailed description of each is given below.


Chilly Cheese Cigar-Who doesn’t like Mozarella sticks?They made the concept more interesting by adding Garlic and Jalapeno to Mozarella,then crumb coating it to fry it to perfection!!It was served with a BBQ sauce which perfectly balanced the not so spicy cheese sticks.

Gai Sai Takrai:As the name suggests,it’s a Thai delicacy where Gai means chicken.This chicken preparation was made with lemongrass and some Thai herbs.I have always loved chicken dishes which are a little citrusy and so loved this dish undoubtedly.The chicken was perfectly fried and crispy.

Paneer Aamras ki Kebab:I am not very fond of Paneer but this dish was actually something which I hadn’t tasted before.The paneer was marinated with mango pulp
before being put in the tandoor,so every bite had the sweetness of mango.It was sweet overall compared to other starters.

Badshahi Kumb:This dish was the best amongst the vegetarian starters since it had the perfect combination of mushroom and cheese.There were nuts too in the
mushroom.It was juicy and not overcooked.

Stuffed Fish Goujons:The best starter of the day for me.Being a fan of fish fingers and being served a variation of it was surely to win my heart and it did.
The fish was stuffed with mint chutney and coated with papad instead of breadcrumbs which actually made it tastier than the normal fish finger!The crispiness of the papad added more to the flavour and it went perfectly with their homemade tartare sauce.


Spinach Cheese Timbale with Tangy BBQSauce:Spinach has always been one of my favourite ingredients in continental dishes,so this patty of spinach blended with
Ricotta cheese was surely to delight my taste buds and it did.

Basa with sizzled Garlic, Ginger & Tomatoes:Basa,in general makes a good option for continental dishes and it did in this case as well.It was perfectly cooked and
tasted good as well.

Stir Fried Noodles with Coriander Pesto:This was one of the highlights of the day since corriander is one of my favorite ingredients and the combination of
this with noodles made it all the more interesting.Very rarely have I found such flavours.The best part was that it was not deep fried like most noodle preparations.

Makhmali Moti Mahal:This is basically Malai Kofta,cooked in a rich nut gravy but nothing extraordinary.

Bhatti nu Dal:The kaali dal was great.I had probably tasted good Kaali dal after ages in this restaurant.

Chelow Kebab:Kolkata’s favourite now available in Sonnet as well!!!They make it differently than our local favorites make,ie Peter Cat and Mocambo of Park Street.
Starting from it’s serving plate to the way the dish was plated was one heck of a visual treat.It was served on a shining brown rock plate with buttered rice in
the middle.It was surrounded by Chicken and Mutton Seekh Kebabs,onions and tomato.They served three dips with this which I feel were not really needed since they didn’t compliment the dish very well.The rice was topped off with a poached egg inside an onion ring which added to it’s visual effect.The kebabs had become a bit
dry but nonetheless,could be coated with butter to make it softer.


Cream Caramel with Waffle Jalebi:Not a very big fan of Caramel so did not find it exceptional.It was topped with whipped cream and pieces of crumbled jalebi.

Melting Chocolate Mud Pie:Chocolate pie with hot molten chocolate on cutting it open could never go wrong and it didn’t.It was perfectly accompanied by vanilla
ice cream.

Kiwi Marquise:I absolutely loved it not only because of the way it looked but also because of the way it tasted.This is ideally suited for people who don’t
like their desserts to be too sweet.It was a vanilla and kiwi cheesecake served with slices of kiwi and kiwi compote.

I really wish this restaurant gets a much higher rating than it has currently got,because most of their dishes were outstanding!!!If one ever wants to pay them a
visit,which I feel they should,might give their a-la-carte a try instead of the buffet.They will surely be in for a treat.

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