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It was a big moment for me when I got invited to Cocoa Bakery to sample their new Lebaneese menu which they are planning to launch during Poila Boisakh.Thanks to Panchphoron and Pritha di for that.


This place could be a bit difficult to locate if you are new to New Alipore since it’s divided into a number of blocks.However,the nearest landmark is Bidya Bharati Girl’s High School.It would be better to follow the Zomato map than Gmap. It’s a very small place with limited seating but one can’t help but adore this place.


On entrance,we find a replica of the wedding cake which I’m sure every to-be bride wants on her D-Day!!!Apart from that,they have many gift boxes,chocolate lollypops,mini muffins,pastries and cakes.They had some leftover Easter chocolates  which were very cute.One of the best parts about this bakery is their ability to make customized birthday cakes or cakes for different occasions.They make 1 lb customized cakes and have no minimum no. of lb that one necessarily has to order in other bakeries!!!The owner welcomed us with a warm smile after we were seated.Their couches are pretty comfortable and one never finds this place empty in the evening,since they host a no. of parties as well.


Mojito-It was pretty refreshing with the mint and the basil leaves.There was fizz as well which many mojitos lack due to usage of old sodas/Sprites.Overall,it had a perfect balance of all the ingredients.

Chicken Shawarma-This was rather a mini Shawarma but quite filling.What I liked more about this dish was the way it was  wrapped,it was tied at the bottom with Spring Onion which helped the entire wrap to stay intact without the filling coming out.This was served with cherry tomatoes.Coming to flavour,the filling was good but it was a bit dry since too much cheese had been used.It would be better if the amount of grated cheese be reduced or still better,the cheese be melted into sauce.A bit too much cheese made the dish dry.

Nachos and spicy hummus-The nachos went very well with the hummus.I was really impressed to find the well balanced hummus,since the chickpeas were ground finely and did not contain lumps.Even,the flavor of garlic did not overpower it.

Lentil burger-The burger was quite crunchy,being made with chickpeas and rajma.Initially,the burger was a bit dry but we were told to have it with the hummus and it went very well with it.The burgers were small in size but since the patties were made from lentils,it made the burger quite filling.A pretty good option for vegetarians.

Penne pasta with Feta cheese-The pasta had a very nice aroma as soon as we lifted the lid to have a look at it.It tasted good too,being made with red sauce,and had ample zucchini,black olives and lumps of Feta cheese.The concept of the lumps of Feta cheese was new to me,but it tasted good nevertheless.

Mixed Fruit Pastry-These were served in small cubes.It was fresh and served with avocade,apple and cherry on top.The pastry had chopped fruits with the cream.A must try for all fruit lovers!!!

Mango Cheesecake-This was an absolute delight!!!The base was made with ground coconut followed by coconut and mango mousse.All the ingredients tasted fresh,including the pieces of mango served on top of each cheesecake.One of the best mango cheesecakes I have had!!!

Trio Mousse-This patry is visualling appealing for all chocolate lovers!!!It has three layers,the bottom layer being made from dark chocolate,the middle one with milk chocolate and the top comprising of milk chocolate,topped off with a piece of chocolate on top.I found this pastry a bit too sweet for my tastebuds,but nevertheless wasn’t bad.


Chicken Shawarma-150

Penne Pasta with Feta cheese-275

Falafel Cheese burger with nachos and spicy hummus-200

Mixed Fruit Pastry-70

Trio Mousse-100

Mango Cheesecake-150

We were given a special “Poila Boisakh” cake as a gift in the end which tasted exceptionally good!!!It had interestingfondant decorations which included the replica of rice,coconut,genda phool and the traditional shiuli phool.

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