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We had the Zomato blogger’s meet at this outlet,organized by Zomato Kolkata.It is the dream destination for allautomobile lovers,since they have a huge selection of cars and bikes.


This is very close to IMI(International Management Institute) and the Skoda showroom near Mominpore crossing.They have a huge “Machiners Paradise” board and a small board for “Nosh”,which might confuse people a bit.But both of them represent the same place.It’s on the main road so won’t be difficult to locate.


The concept is basically that of a “garage cafe” and with their interesting lighting and decor,they sure have spent a lump sum amount of money!!!It doesn’t end with the decor,but also the fact that they have video games as well as foosball(Remember Joey and Chandler playing the game in Friends?).I still cannot get the green Lamborghini out of my head which greeted me on the entrance!!There was a BMW bike beside it.The hookah section is separate and can accommodate a large group.

We were told that it was a vegetarian cafe,who would venture into non-vegetarian soon.

Our seating was arranged at a huge table since it was a Zomato meetup.

Food and Beverages:

Mai Ka Lal Nachos-I personally loved the additional french fries on top along with the nachos and cheese dip.They had 4 types of dips and each of them had a different flavor than the other.Overall,a great starter.

Family Garlic Bread-This is a cheese garlic bread for a large crowd!!!It was pretty great as well…considering the amount of cheese and bread together.

Stuffed Mushroom-The best vegetarian starter of the lot,combination of molten cheese with the juices oozing from the mushroom made the perfect combination.Mushrooms were cooked well.

Mexican Chicken Skewers-This was pretty average,needs a lot of work.

Chicken Wings-The wings were cooked well and quite juicy,but there was excessive sauce which I think should be further reduced.Loved the flavors though!!!

Fish Fingers-They were good but nothing out of this world!!!The mustard sauce was not thick as one might expect and was quite runny,tartare sauce was okay-ish.

Khujliwala Burger(Non-Veg)-I absolutely did not like this.The chicken patty was too dry and lacked flavors.

BBQ Grilled Sandwich-The sandwich was a bit burnt which ruined an otherwise average BBQ Grilled sandwich.

Pasta(White,Red)-I had the non-veg pasta and I feel that they need a lot of work,the huge chunks of boiled chicken were a big turn-off.

Green Apple Ice Crushers-A bit too sweet for my taste buds,but overall good.

Watermelon Mojito-I would prefer this over any watermelon juice anyday!!!Though I’m not a big fan of watermelon,I still loved this.

Flavoured Ice Tea(Green Apple,Peach)-I prefered the peach one over the green apple one.They make their own liquor which is good.This was particularly refreshing.

Ice cream Soda Float(Strawberry)-Not a big fan of sugary sweet drinks,as a result of which I didn’t like this.It would probably taste better without the ice cream.

Icy Spicy Green Apple-This was an interesting drink.They added chillies and spices to an otherwise boring green apple drink.I found it innovative.

Classic Lemonade-This was good,just as it is supposed to taste.

Oreo Pie-I liked the Oreo crust more than the chocolate mousse.Not a bad dish,but could be improved.

Sizzling Brownie-This was good.The amount is huge.

I would love them to introduce some non-chocolate deserts since they haven’t introduced it yet.Besides this,I loved their cutlery which are not normally used in a cafe but in a restaurant.The service needs improvement,most of the burden fell on a single waiter and the others did not seem to be trained very well…but with time,I’m sure that will improve.All the best!!!

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