Saptapadi-Hindustan Park

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This is a themed restaurant based on Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen’s movie Saptapadi.So whenever you visit this restaurant,starting from the entrance till you are seated,you will find posters of the superstars from the movie everywhere.The part which you definitely shouldn’t miss while entering is their replica of the motorbike from the famous scene in the movie,with the poster of two superstars sitting behind it.

A big thanks to team Panchphoron and Ranjan da,one of the renowned chefs in town,for inviting me to this outlet for food audit.We were offered their “Poila Boisakh” special thali menu.

On seating,we were offered their speciality, Kacha aam r shorbot which is a different version of Aam Panna as it contains roasted mangoes and “gondhoraj lebu” additionally.It was quite refreshing.

For starters,we had:-

Ranga aloo and yellow corn nutty croquette-This combination was a tad too sweet since both corn and sweet potato have the same sweet flavour.It was average and needs to be a bit more spicy.This goes well with Kasundi.

Moori fish stick-This was a invention by Ranjan da where the fish fingers are coated with moori(puffed rice) and moori dust instead of breadcrumbs and served on a toothpick.This goes well with both kasundi and their yogurt flavored mint dip.

The mains were served in a thali which consisted of:-

Luchi-This was fluffed up,crispy and soft.

Cholar Dal-This should have been sweeter than it actually was.

Rice was of good quality.

Alu jhinge-The jhinge needed to be cooked a bit more.I personally did not like this dish that much as I had better ones.

Fish paturi-The fish was good,tasted fresh.However,I found a small bone in my fish which the authorities should be a bit careful about.The overall fish was pretty good,and not as spicy as one might expect.

Kacha Lonka Murgi-The portion is pretty reasonable compared to most of the restaurants I have eaten in.Chicken pieces were solid and cooked properly,luckily they don’t give bony pieces like many of it’s counterparts.The gravy was rich but tasted quite well.

We were served papad with Aam r chutney after our meal.The chatni was average and the papad was crispy.

For deserts,we had:-

Gondhoraj caramel custard-This is a version of caramel custard with gondhoraj lebu.It’s sweetness was balanced by the lime juice,which made it an overall good dish.This was not as sweet as a typical caramel custard.

Ice cream patisapta-This was the clear winner for me!!!The patisapta was lined with vanilla ice cream,then rolled and topped off with coulis.It was not very sweet which I liked personally.Overall,a greet ending to our meal!!!

I was not very happy with the Bengali restaurants near that area but finally I found one which I can go to with my family and friends!!!

PS-They will be serving unlimited food from the special menu for poila boisakh priced at Rs 599 per person.

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