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I was unaware of this hidden gem until last Saturday when I was invited for food audit.Nevertheless,I am glad that I was invited here for food tasting!!!

It is located very close to the Rashbehari crossing…walking distance from Kalighat metro station gate no 3.There is a CCD on the first floor and this restaurant is located on the 2nd floor.

The ambience is quite romantic,so anyone living by can come for a nice romantic dinner at this place .It is not as small as one might think looking at this restaurant from outside.As we entered,we discovered that only a part of the restaurant was visible from the road and that it was more spacious than we imagined.There is a beautiful water fountain waiting to greet you as you enter.Normally,I don’t comment about the furniture of a restaurant but this place has one of the most comfortable sofas I ever sat on in a restaurant!!!

The owner,Priyadarshini,greeted us as we took our seats.She suggested us some of her Oriental and North Indian dishes which we gave a try.

We started off with a few mocktails:-

Cinderella-This is pretty average.It looked better than it tasted actually.

Deep Sea-This was a jaljeera based green drink which tasted good.It had a different flavour due to the jaljeera.

Virgin Blue Lagoon-This is the normal Blue Lagoon that one would get everywhere minus the vodka.It was not the best but definitely better than most of the places I tried it in.

Pink Island-This was the worst amongst the lot.It was too sweet and syrupy.Absolutely flavourless!!!

Heaven’s Calling-This was the best of the lot!!!It was light green in color and had a mint based flavor.The most refreshing among all the cocktails…I would definitely recommend this!!!

For soups:-

Murg Yakni Shorba-This needs a lot of improvement!!!Most of the places that I have tried shorba in,they were thicker and creamier. Flavor wise,it was average.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup-This usually comes with chicken but can also come with prawns.It had a lot of vegetables,was spicy and tasted good altogether.However,this soup needs to be made thicker.

Seafood Clear Soup with Prawn Dumplings-The best soup of the lot!!!It had a very mild and soothing aroma,suitable for people who don’t like thick and creamy soup.The prawn dumplings were beautifully and perfectly steamed!!!

For starters:-

Khumb Galawati Kebabs – This was an eye opening dish for me since I didn’t know that vegetarian kebabs could taste this good!!!. The mushrooms had been made into a paste and soft enough to melt in your mouth.It comes with a small paratha below it.Must try for vegetarians!!!

Makhani Karahi – This one was good,the chicken was soft,though a bit spicy!!

Prawn Tempura – The best starter of the lot!!!Prawns were fresh and perfectly cooked..the batter could have been crispier and the batter lacked a bit salt..but it was compensated by the sweet chilli sauce!!!

Stir Fried water-chestnut-I could not make out the flavor of water chestnut initially,but when I did I was amazed!!!Never did I imagine that a dish can be made from it…it tasted good.

Stir Fried Pak Choi in White garlic Sauce – This was another surprise for me. The Pak Choi was sautéed in white garlic sauce and that tasted lovely!!!

For mains:-

Chicken Thai green curry with steamed rice – This was a bit too sweet than it usually should be!!!But tasted pretty good nevertheless.IF you don’t want it to be too sweet,please mention while ordering..

Spicy Lan Ching Chicken – One of the best chicken dishes we ate..The chicken had a bit of skin on it which made it crispier,accompanied with veggies and sauteed with soya sauce.

Fish Hyderabadi – This was a very confusing dish since it was supposed to be predominantly coconut milk based,but had a whole lot of different flavours!!!As a result,this dish disappointed me!!!We were served Pomfret but it is usually served with Bhetki..

Keema Naan – This was good though I hardly found any keema!!!They should increase the quantity of keema.

Emperor Seafood Fried Rice – I absolutely loved this!!!We were served prawns and fish but normally they serve squid as well,which was unavailable that day!!!Another highly recommended dish.

Steamed Fillet in black bean sauce – The presentation was really great and the dish tasted good too!!!However,I found the fish a bit old and smelly..

For deserts:-

Gajar ka Halwa –I don’t eat this anywhere but here it was really good!!!The color was deep orange without any artificial colors mixed and it wasn’t overtly sweet!!!We could taste ghee in it.

Sesame tossed honey noodle with vanilla ice cream – This was a good dish. The flat sesame seed tossed fried noodles topped off with vanilla ice cream and sesame seeds on top made it a pretty good dish!!!I would suggest to increase the amount of ice cream for the noodles served…

I am really glad to have been introduced to this place by Panchphoron and would visit back soon!!!

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