Cloakroom Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Finally I got to utilize the voucher from Zomato for this restaurant..Thanks a lot for your small token of appreciation!!!

Located in a quiet lane in southern avenue near vivekananda park,Cloakroom is a boutique restaurant..It has a very high stair like one would find in houses(which might pose a difficulty to some people who can’t climb such high stairs)..The inside of the restaurant is quite cute…Very few people can sit inside,they have another seating area upstairs..

Coming to food,we ordered:-

Grilled chicken in mushroom sauce +rice and harissa veggies-The mushroom sauce was really creamy and consistently smooth without lumps..Chicken was soft and well cooked..It’s easy to under do or over do grilled chicken but they nailed it.The herb rice was good too..What the dish lacked was the flavor in their sauteed veggies,they needed a little more seasoning..

Grilled Bhetki in Lemon Cream sauce +mash and veggies-On arrival,I literally fell in love with the dish because of their simplistic presentation!!!I absolutely loved the was grilled to perfection…with butter trickling from it’s pores..The fish was soft and fresh..not stale like in many restaurants that they serve!!!Lemon cream sauce went pretty well with the fish…I somehow did not like their mashed potatoes as they tasted a bit uncooked and had lumps in them..somehow the mashed potato was spoiling the dish because of it’s uncooked flavor…The veggies too needed more seasoning..

We had their special desert that day…hot chocolate brownie topped off with vanilla ice cream-This was pretty good…The brownie was soft and warm which complimented the vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce pretty well..

Overall a good place to have a wholesome meal..With a little improvement and more varied menu,they can give tough competition to the other big restaurants!!!

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