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Well this place was certainly an eye opener for me because I always assumed that the kind of Chinese eateries located in Gariahat/Hindustan Park area catered mainly to the Bengali taste buds.But this turned out to be completely different and I was really glad that I was invited to this place for food audit as part of team Panchphoron!!!

This is located very close to triangular park…one can actually use their GPS to track this place if you are not familiar with the narrow lanes…

It’s a small 2 floored eatery…not a fine dining restaurant…but it still has a very homely feeling to it.At a time 15-16 people can be seated on the 2nd floor,the first floor having the kitchen.

We were served with fresh lime soda,which was pretty okay…considering the fizz ran out.So,I switched to normal Coke.

I had their Crab Meat soup which I found excellent.There were solid pieces of crab accompanied with egg drop.Being a seafood lover,I absolutely loved the fact that unlike most restaurants,they used generous amount of Crab meat!!!


Pan Fried Chilli Fish-The fish was perfectly cooked and soft.It seemed fresh.This dish isn’t too spicy as one might expect,hence could be tried by everyone.

Prawn Sui Mai-The minced prawns were seasoned well and not overcooked..Also,the coriander chilli oil went pretty well with it.The vegetarian version of Sui Mai too was quite good…


Babycorn in Thai Sweet & Chilli Basil Sauce-This was good but nothing exceptional.

Prik Kai Sot Sai Thod-These Thai Style Chicken wings were an absolute delight.It had a certain sweetness to it,but did not overpower the spices.Definitely worth trying.



Bok Choy Delight-This had Bok Choi as well as Brocolli.It was mildly spicy and hence can be tried by non-spicy lovers as a side dish.

Kai Himaparn-Sliced chicken tasted just fine.This wasn’t anything exceptional.

Pla Pad pak-This was a clear winner for me!!!It had two of my favourite ingredients ie Fish and Oyster Sauce hence this can hardly ever go wrong for me.The fish was extremely soft and of good quality.


Khao Pad Kratiem Chicken-I absolutely love Thai Burnt Garlic Rice and this too didn’t dissappoint me at all.Love the flavours and the aroma of Garlic which again luckily did not overpower the dish.


Khao Pad Kraprow-This is a basil fried rice and tasted good with the gravy dishes mentioned above.

Pad Kee Mao Mixed-This again was good.It had a strong aroma which one could get even while eating it.The noodles were boiled well.

Darsaan with Ice Cream-Very few places can go wrong with this.Hence,they too did justice to this dish by preparing the flour chips fresh and served them crispy.


After our meal,we had a chat with the owners who said that they had to make some of the Thai dishes mild because of the Indian palette.Hence,if anybody wants a version closer to the actual Thai cuisine,they should mention it before ordering.

And yes,this restaurant is a place I would personally visit again with my friends and family..

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