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Went to this place on an invitation…This place is located inside a lane near Jodhpur Park so please follow the Zomato map in case you don’t know this area well…

On entering,it gave a very nice “old Calcutta” feeling for it’s decor…An imagery of the wooden signs used to display it’s name pinned to a tree and the building takes you back to old lanes…

Another very interesting aspect about them is their promotion of handicrafts and artwork…for which they have a completely different section(They sell these artworks as well)…Very few restaurants do we find in Kolkata who not only satisfy your taste buds,but also promote the handicrafts of Bengal!!!A true Bengali restaurant in that sense…

Their decor and furniture particularly impressed me because it reminds me of a typical Bengali house…the flooring is also what one would find in old Calcutta homes!!!They have used jute for their chairs which is again a local product of Bengal…The artwork on the wall is particularly impressive…

Coming to food,we were given the “Boshonter Thali(Spring season Thali)”…which consisted of a combination of their lunch and dinner thalis..

They started off with a welcome drink…which I found a little too sweet for my taste…It was supposed to be “doi er ghol” but I couldn’t find any curd in my drink..Mine was too watery…


Then we were given Plain rice(saada bhat)-The rice was of good quality and did not have lumps in it,
accompanied with Shukto-Luckily,this wasn’t very bitter and was perfectly cooked..It had ample vegetables which were boiled well and did not form lumps..the only component that I felt missing a bit was “Bori” which actually enhances the taste..

Kumroh Phooler Bora, Bok Phooler Bora,Shojne Phooler Bora,-These were the tasted Boras I’ve had in a very long time…they were perfectly seasoned and not over fried or burnt…


Choto Alur Dum-The Alu Dum was quite good.

Shona Mugh Daal-This was well cooked and did not have a single uncooked grain,the added ingredients enhanced the flavour of the dal..In fact,I’ve tasted very few good Daal in restaurants..

Choto Echorer Dalna-Echor isn’t particularly my favourite but this one did impress me with it’s taste..again perfectly cooked,not too hard or too soft…


Then we were given the yellow Polaayu-The mishti pulao was indeed not too mishti but just perfect for me!!!It had generous amounts of dry fruits which added to it’s taste…

Kosha Mangsho-We had Chicken(but there are options for Mutton/Fish)…This was okayish…did not really have the typical Kosha Mangsho taste that one would expect…The pieces that I got were not too good…It seemed like an old chicken and hence too fibrous…I would suggest them to use younger and smaller chickens to get lean meat…


kooler Chaatni-The chatni tasted good and had two “topa kool” in it so no complaints about this whatsoever!!!


Notun Gurer Paayesh-The paayesh was good…not too sweet(which I like)…


All in all,I had a good wholesome Bengali meal after months!!!It’s a very good option for all working people who don’t get the time to cook so much at home…or in fact,to eat a wholesome meal on weekdays!!!
Also,this thali is ideally recommended for those who have never eaten a “Boshonter Thali” in their life!!!

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