The Tapas Bar

We went on a festive occasion so got their festive menu…The ambience is pretty good.. They had put up decorations for the durga Pujas… Crowd wise, it wasn’t overwhelming…their afternoon footfall didn’t even have half of the crowd which the nearby restaurants had…
Coming to food, I found it a bit overpriced for their quantity… Taste wise nothing great… Pretty average… We took bacon wrapped chicken, chicken seemed to be a bit undercooked, then had Portuguese style baked chicken which again was pretty average… They serve it with some lentil based marinade and salad….Not really a place for food lovers!!!
Coming to cocktails, they are again a wee bit overpriced for the quantity… You get more at chili’s for that price…we started off with black Russian and some fruity flavoured vodka based cocktail…
The most annoying part was that we were made to wait for 45 mins for each of the dishes… To add to that, we were asked to shift while eating because their “certain” customers wanted to sit at the middle of the bar….

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