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TFO was one of the restaurants in my bucketlist since I’m a huge fan of the art of mixology and cocktails…It is one of the most happening places in town but a #ZomatoMeetup made it more happening for me since I got the chance to interact with so many wonderful foodies!!!

A special thanks to Samridhi Singhvi for inviting me for this meetup..

The staff,food and the overall hospitality is worth mentioning…We were attended individually by the staff depending on our tastes and our likes…Mr Irfan,their bar manager gave us an insight into making cocktails…We tasted their special whisky which had a distinct smokey flavour(Though I’m not a fan of whiskies,yet I loved the strong woody smell…reminded me a bit about Laphroaig!!!).. Mukulita Ganguly volunteered to make cocktails with Mr. Irfan and he showed us how to make “Old fashioned” with whiskey and citrus peel…Next was long island ice tea(As suggested by me :D) which was made by him and another foodie volunteer Kshitij Dhanuka…Both the cocktails were quite good!!!

For drinks,I tasted

1)Sangria-It had an interesting approach to the normal Sangria..It was infused with vodka along with red wine and fruits…Overall a must try for red wine lovers..

2)Burnt Orange Ginger Basil-Had a sip of it(This was basically made into a mocktail)..Tasted good.

For starters,I somehow like the veg starters more than the non-veg ones..

1)Gondhoraj Lebu infused Panko Mushroom-This had an interesting twist to an otherwise bland mushroom…If you are a vegetarian,this should be one of the dishes in your bucket list!!!

2)Tfo special nachos-This was the clear winner amongst the starters…It had olives and cheese and came with 3 very different dips(according to your palate)

3)Arabian Charcoal Kebab-This was an average dish compared to the rest of the two veg starters.

4)Chicken Shish Touk,Chicken Souvlaki-Both these Arabian dishes were served interestingly,Souvlaki in skewers and Shish touk with arabian bread and a cheese spread..These were a bit undercooked compared to normal Chicken but that’s how the Arabs love it!!!

5)Fish Goujon- This was also served with the 3 dips and french fries and it tasted the best among the non-veg starters.

We were served pan shots by Mr. Irfan..which again was another speciality of theirs!!!It was topped off with candy floss and pan…alongwith vodka.

For salads:-

Caprese Moderne,TFO Sprout Salad-Both of these were visually pleasing and need special mention for their taste too…It was completely fresh and made with their special seasonings.

For mains:-

I fell in love their pizzas(both veg and non-veg)….Being a fan of thin crust pizzas,this was ideally suited to my taste buds,the toppings were quite fresh.

Spaghetti,even though vegetarian,was worth mentioning…Loved their herb seasoning and their minimum use of olive oil…Much suited if you are watching your weight!!!(Even though it has a little parmesan sprinkled)…

the Penne pasta was good as well…It was on the cheesy side..

Kung pao chicken with sticky jasmine rice-This tasted average to me since I’ve had better kung pao chicken elsewhere…


1)Nutella and Mascerpone Cake-This was my favourite amongst all the deserts since I’m a big fan of Nutella!!!It was creamy and well made..topped off with cherry

2)Bonoffee Pie-For all banana lovers..this is a must try!!!

3)Gooey Chocolate Cake-This was served in a cup and was hot enough to be gooey…topped off with vanilla ice cream…A match made in heaven!!!

A special thanks to all the foodies who gave me such a good company Debleena ,Devpurna Talapatra ,Devlina Talapatra ,Tanwyee Ray ,Olivia.gomes3 ,Harshit…they made the evening more memorable!!!

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