The Corner Courtyard

This is a must visit place if you love continental food!!
The interiors give you the feeling that you have traveled back in time…It could be called a romantic fine dining restaurant

Coming to food,we ordered Buttermilk Parmesan Chicken for starters,which had a slightly sour taste due to the buttermilk.Nevertheless,it tasted good as the chicken was quite tender and went well with the dressing.

It was accompanied by a Mojito which tasted average.

For mains,we had Mediterranean stuffed chicken with pimento spinach and the relish.The chicken had a distinct smoky flavor stuffed with parmesan. For accompaniments,the home-made relish and spinach made a very interesting combination since they both were at different temperatures(The relish being cold compared to the spinach).Overall,a good dish to try out.

Next we had ordered Greek lamb mousaka but the waiter forgot to take our order!!!Just imagine!!!We kept on waiting till we asked about the lamb…to which he said that he hadn’t taken the order for the lamb and had just taken the order for the stuffed chicken!!!This was a complete mood spoiler since we wasted like 30 minutes waiting for the lamb.The waiter gave us two complimentary mocktails to make up for his mistake and took our next order which is the Grilled chicken with wild mushrooms.

The chicken tasted fine but what turned off our mood was the callousness of the waiter who took our order!!!

Great food and good place to visit but my points were deducted mainly because of the service…

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