Remote Maker Party 2014 #Remotemaker14

Again the first time for me…attending a remote maker party.A big thanks to Chandan Baba and Debapriya Bhattacharya
for orgaising such an exciting event,especially for the ones who could not attend the Maker Party in their respective cities.So.its a bigger treat for them.

The event took place from 7 pm and continued till midnight.

The link which helped the participants learning about Web Maker and making their apps was provided

Again,a few youtube links were provided to show the step by step working of each of the Web Maker tools.

Finally,all the makes of the participants are listed below:-

Mission Mozilla using Popcorn Maker : |Ishita
We are Mozilla : – Ayan (@technoayan)
Engineers Day Special : | Ajay
Diwali Special : | Anirudha (@anistark)
MakerParty Celebrations from MozClubHyd Using Popcorn Video Maker:
We’re building a better Internet :- | Debapriya
Hey all! A remix page in thimble | Satwiki De 
Maker Party Love |  | Sukanta Pal @iSukantapal
MAKER PARTY CHAT ROOM | | @riginoommen
Happy Engineers Day! || || My First Pop-Corn make! 🙂
Engineer’s Diwali | Ishita
Here is the event report

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