Maker Party Kolkata 2014 #makerpartykolkata

This is the first Maker Party which I had attended.It was conducted at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology,Sodepur,Kolkata.I would especially like to thank Ayan Choudhury,Srijib Roy and Sayantan Saha for organizing this event at such short notice and without much funding.The other participants included:

Sreemegha Guha
Sumantro Mukherjee
Sukanta Pal
Daniyal Jahan Warsi
Satwiki de
Koustav Samadder
Biraj Karmakar
Debapriya Bhattacharya
Sajid Hossain

The session started off with me giving an introduction on FOSS and Mission Mozilla which was conducted to make people aware about FOSS and why we need Open Web.It highlighted the fact that Mozilla supported Open Web and what we,Mozillians,do as a part of this open web.There was also a brief introduction on Firefox OS.

After this,there was a brief intro about the maker party by Ayan who told the students as to what Web Maker is all about and also the benefits provided by Mozilla through Web Maker.It basically provides an easy tool for spreading Web literacy and also how,amateurs,without thorough knowledge,can build a basic website.
Then,the session was taken over by our only Mozilla Rep present that day,Biraj.He spoke about localization and how everybody could contribute in localization.

Finally,the actual Web Maker session started with Sumantro giving a brief intro about the tools of Web Maker ie Popcorn Maker,Thimble,X-ray goggles and Appmaker.People were shown each and every tool by the projector onscreen and.It started out with Thimble which shows how everyone can create their webpage either from scratch or from an existing web page.


The Popcorn Maker showed the students how they can remix 2 or more videos to make their own customized videos and the Appmaker showed how to build new apps with the basic tools.The other Mozillians were attending to everyone personally who had difficulty in understanding and executing.The first 16 people who completed their Web Maker projects were awarded stickers in the end.

After finishing off with Web Maker,FSA and AOA programs were conducted by Srijib which encouraged students to help people in the support forum and also become Firefox ambassadors.

The last session of that day was WOMOZ..which was conducted by me and Sreemegha and was basically about how women can get involved in technology and the kind of events we can conduct to increase the participation of women in Open Source.

At the end,the 16 winners of the Web Maker session were awarded with Swags.
Overall,it was a wonderful experience being part of this Maker Party..

The final pic..


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